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Why Choose Our Patio Furniture Powder Coating Services?

Our Services

Patio Furniture Refinishing in San Diego

We specialize in refinishing all types of patio furniture, including tables, chairs, lounges, and more. Our expert team meticulously prepares each piece, ensuring a flawless finish that revitalizes your outdoor space.

Pool Furniture Refinishing

Your poolside furniture deserves the best care. Our pool furniture refinishing service ensures your loungers and tables are ready for a summer of fun and relaxation.

Commercial Furniture Refinishing

We cater to businesses looking to refresh their outdoor furniture. From hotels to restaurants, our commercial furniture refinishing service is designed to meet the high standards of the hospitality industry.

Service Areas

San Diego

Our primary service area, where we have built a reputation for excellence in patio furniture powder coating.

Orange County

We bring our high-quality refinishing services to Orange County, ensuring your outdoor spaces look their best.

Riverside County

Clients in Riverside County can also benefit from our expert patio furniture refinishing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Powder Coating: A Durable Finishing Solution

Powder coating is an advanced dry finishing technique where a powder made of resin and pigment is applied to a surface and then cured under heat. This process creates a durable, long-lasting finish that outperforms traditional paint. There are various types of powder coatings, each with specific use cases and application requirements.

Choosing the right powder composition is crucial for achieving the best results. This is where our expertise comes into play. With over 60 years of experience in both residential and commercial powder coating, we ensure that your furniture gets the most suitable powder, resulting in a beautiful and resilient finish. Our extensive knowledge and skill in selecting the appropriate powder results in a finish that will enhance the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor furniture.

The Advantages of Powder Coating Over Traditional Paint

With the exception of epoxy coating, powder coating provides a more durable and resistant finish than traditional paint. This environmentally friendly process emits zero VOCs, making it safer for the environment and your family. Powder coating can be applied in a wide variety of colors and finishes, offering greater customization options.

The resulting coating is significantly more durable and less susceptible to scratching, ensuring a long-lasting, consistent appearance. This is especially true for textured and multi-color powders, where powder coating provides a uniform and high-quality finish.

Unlike paint, which is a short-term solution, powder coating is designed to be a protective coating that lasts for many years. Investing in powder coating for your furniture means choosing a durable, long-term solution that maintains its beauty and integrity over time.

Understanding the Powder Coating Process Timeline

The duration of the powder coating process can vary based on the time of year and the size and condition of the furniture. Typically, it takes about 3-6 weeks from the time we receive the furniture to the time it is returned to our clients. This timeframe may change depending on the season. We provide the current lead time with all quotes and orders to ensure you have accurate expectations.

If your furniture requires additional work, such as welding or special requests like adjusting the height of a chair, it may take a bit longer to complete your order. All repairs and adjustments must be made before the powder coating process can begin. Ensuring these preliminary steps are completed guarantees a high-quality, durable finish for your furniture.

Powder Coating for a Wide Range of Outdoor Furniture

We can powder coat a wide range of outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs, loungers, and commercial outdoor furniture. Each piece is carefully prepared and coated to ensure a high-quality, durable finish.

Powder coating is suitable for materials that can withstand the high temperatures of the curing oven and are electrostatically conductive. Therefore, we specialize in powder coating metal patio furniture. This includes aluminum, steel, wrought aluminum, and wrought iron. Generally speaking, if your furniture is metal, it can be powder-coated to achieve a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Yes, we offer pick-up and delivery services within San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties to make the process as convenient as possible for our customers. For customers outside of Southern California, we provide the option to ship their items to us for powder coating, repairs, and other services. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can benefit from our expert powder coating services.