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Master the Art of Measuring Your Patio Furniture for Standard and Contemporary Replacement Slings

Upgrade your patio furniture with perfectly fitting replacement slings by accurately measuring your chairs and lounges. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process for both standard and contemporary sling rails, ensuring a seamless and satisfying outdoor space transformation.

Determine Your Sling Rail Type

First, identify whether your patio furniture has standard or contemporary sling rails. Standard rails have a flat, even surface, while contemporary rails feature a curved or contoured shape.

Discover the popular and versatile standard sling rail type, prevalent in many patio furniture designs. Standard slings feature a durable plastic rod, known as a spline, which is inserted into a sewn pocket running along the sling’s length. The fabric is then securely placed within the metal rail, with the spline offering additional reinforcement to prevent the sling from being pulled out.

Explore the modern and sleek contemporary sling attachment method, often found in stainless steel and other contemporary outdoor furniture designs. This innovative attachment style utilizes a flat metal bar that is inserted into a sewn pocket within the sling. The sling is then securely fastened to the frame by screwing through the chair frame and into the metal bar, providing a seamless and stylish connection.

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