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How to Measure for Replacement Slings

Measuring your outdoor furniture replacement slings is straightforward. This guide has multiple steps, allowing you to choose certain options that are specific to your furniture. In just a few short steps you will well on your way to replacing the slings on your furniture!

By far the most abundant sling rail type, so much so that we refer to this type as the standard. This type of sling has a plastic bowel, called spline, that is first interested into a pocket sewn into the length of the sling. The fabric is then interested into the metal rail so that the spline prevents the sling from being pulled out of the rail via the spline running down the length of the sling.

Some manufacturers use a type of sling attachment that has a flat metal bar that is inserted into a pocket sewn in the sling. The sling is then attached to the frame by screwing through the chair frame and into the metal bar inserted into the pocket running down the length of the sling. We call this type contemporary because it is commonly used on stainless steel and other contemporary furniture.

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