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Elevate your dining experience with the Richmond 85″ Rectangular Extension Dining Table by Jensen Leisure. Expertly crafted to accommodate eight to twelve guests, this elegant table is perfect for intimate dinners or grand gatherings. The optional extension leaves (sold separately) allow seamless expansion, ensuring every guest has a place at your table. Made from high-quality materials, this durable and stylish piece is an investment in timeless design and functionality. Enhance your home with this centerpiece that blends sophistication with practicality, making every meal a special occasion. SKU: 65250

Product Specs
SKU 65250 Categories , Collection by Weight167 lbs (75.75 kg)DimensionsMaterialIpeShipping ETAClick here to review current shipping lead timesSeating Capacity8 dining chairs fit at this table. (Assuming chairs 22" wide)


Discover the Elegance of Richmond 85 inch Dining Table by Jensen Leisure

Immerse yourself in the sophistication of the Richmond 85 inch dining table, a true masterpiece from Jensen Leisure. This luxury hardwood dining table is not just a piece of furniture, but an emblem of elegance that transforms any outdoor space into an upscale dining area. Its sleek lines and robust construction echo the very essence of elegant garden furniture. Whether hosting a cozy family dinner or a lavish party for friends, this expandable design ensures that every guest experiences comfort and style at its finest. Make your gatherings memorable with this exquisite addition to your home.

Transform Your Outdoor Meals with Our Extendable Jensen Table

Experience the ultimate in outdoor dining versatility with the Jensen Leisure extension table. The Richmond 85″ Rectangular Extension Dining Table is not just a statement of style; it’s a solution for any host. Whether you’re enjoying a cozy family meal or entertaining a larger group, this outdoor expandable dining furniture adapts to your needs. With its ability to extend, you can comfortably accommodate anywhere from eight to twelve guests, making it an essential part of your extendable outdoor dining set. Celebrate every occasion with elegance and ease, knowing that everyone has a place at your table.

Crafted to Entertain: Seat up to 12 Guests Comfortably

Imagine never having to worry about space at your next outdoor gathering. The Richmond 85″ Rectangular Extension Dining Table is the epitome of elegance and functionality, designed with entertainment in mind. With its ability to extend, this luxurious hardwood table transforms from an intimate family setting to a grand banquet for up to 12 guests. Whether you’re hosting a cozy brunch or a large dinner party, the rectangular patio table seats 12, ensuring that everyone has ample room to dine in comfort. Perfect for those who love to entertain, the SKU 65250 Jensen table will be the centerpiece of countless memorable occasions.

A Masterpiece in Durability: The Richmond’s Premium Hardwood Build

Embodying the pinnacle of craftsmanship, the Richmond 85 inch dining table is a testament to the enduring quality of luxury hardwood. Each table is meticulously constructed from select pieces of premium wood, chosen for their exceptional grain patterns and resilience. The result is not just a dining surface but an heirloom piece that withstands the test of time and use. This elegant garden furniture, with its robust build, promises to maintain its structural integrity and stunning appearance through countless gatherings, making it an ideal centerpiece for both indoor ambiance and outdoor durability. Revel in the natural beauty and superior strength that make this luxury hardwood dining table a masterpiece in durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Richmond 85 inch dining table by Jensen Leisure ideal for both intimate and grand gatherings?
A: The Richmond 85 inch dining table is expertly crafted to offer versatility in your hosting needs. Its elegant design comfortably seats eight guests, making it perfect for cozy dinners with family or friends. When you’re looking to host larger groups, this outdoor expandable dining furniture can be extended (with optional leaves sold separately) to accommodate up to twelve people, ensuring that everyone has a place at your sophisticated garden soiree.
Q: How does the extendable feature of the SKU 65250 Jensen table enhance my outdoor entertaining experience?
A: With its innovative extension mechanism, the SKU 65250 Jensen table transforms from an everyday luxury hardwood dining piece into a spacious platform for festive occasions. The ease with which you can add or remove extensions allows you to tailor your setup according to each event’s requirements – whether it’s an impromptu brunch or a planned celebration – providing seamless functionality without compromising on style.
Q: Can I expect durability as well as elegance from my purchase of the Richmond Dining Table?
A: Absolutely! The Richmond Dining Table marries sophistication with practicality. Crafted from high-quality materials known for their resilience against weather elements, this rectangular patio table not only boasts an aesthetic appeal but also promises longevity and sturdiness suitable for regular use outdoors. Investing in this piece means investing in years of memorable meals and moments under open skies.