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The Richmond 46″ Curved Bench is a beautiful traditional design that pairs elegantly with the Richmond 58″ Round Dining Table 65240 in durable Ipe.


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Jensen furniture is crafted using traditional interlocking mortise and tenon, and dowelled joinery that form rock solid connections. Engineered to extremely tight tolerances through CNC technology, the individual furniture components are permanently attached with snug, moisture-sealed joints. This level of craftsmanship prevents problems such as wobbling, making the furniture safe and stable during a lifetime of use. The glass hand finish of Jensen furniture is possible due to the dense nature of Ipe wood and our unique cross-grain sanding technique. Sanding cross-grain prevents the lifting of surface micro-fibers and preserves a smooth feel as the wood weathers out-of-doors. After a completed bench or table has been sanded and had its oil finish applied, it is test-assembled and receives a thorough final inspection to ensure that each item meets our rigorous quality specifications.

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Weight49 lbs (22.23 kg)
Dimensions29 x 46 x 38 in (73.66 x 116.84 x 96.52 cm)



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