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Elevate your outdoor oasis with the Nova 16′ Octagon Telescoping Umbrella, a premium offering from Frankford Umbrellas. Expertly crafted for durability and style, this expansive shade solution boasts an easy-to-adjust telescoping feature for tailored height and sun protection. Its robust framework and elegant octagonal canopy ensure lasting elegance in any garden or patio setting. Experience unparalleled comfort as you entertain or unwind beneath this sophisticated umbrella, designed to enhance your outdoor living space with both function and flair. Secure yours today at Hauser’s Patio for endless summer relaxation.

Product Specs
SKU 896NGU Categories , , , , Collection by Weight260 lbs (117.93 kg)Dimensions192 x 192 x 170 in (487.68 487.68 431.8 cm)Shipping ETAShips between 08-12 and 08-26Pole Diameter4"



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Brushed Silver

Golden Oak [+$1,260.00]

Onyx [+$861.00]

Desert Bronze [+$861.00]

Alpine White [+$861.00]

Heather Willow [+$1,260.00]

Discover the Elegance of Nova 16′ Octagon Umbrella

Step outside and immerse yourself in the sheer elegance that is the Nova 16′ Octagon Umbrella. This stylish octagonal shade solution has been meticulously designed to not only provide ample protection from the sun but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. Whether it’s poised over a luxurious poolside lounge area or standing sentinel on a chic patio, this umbrella’s graceful lines and sophisticated silhouette make it an instant focal point.

The Nova 16′ Octagon Umbrella embodies the perfect blend of functionality and fashion. Its expansive canopy offers generous coverage, ensuring your comfort during those bright sunny days. The durable construction guarantees longevity, while its easy-to-use telescoping feature allows for adjustable height settings to cater to your specific shading needs. As part of Frankford Umbrellas’ esteemed collection, this high-quality poolside accessory promises not just shade but an infusion of style that elevates your outdoor decor to new heights.

Whether you’re hosting a garden party or seeking a tranquil retreat in your backyard, this umbrella stands as a testament to refined outdoor living. Its robust framework paired with an elegant octagonal design makes it more than just a functional piece—it’s a statement of luxury and poise. Choose the Nova 16′ Octagon Umbrella for an unrivaled combination of durability and panache, making every moment spent outdoors under its canopy feel like an escape into paradise.

Telescoping Outdoor Umbrella: Customizable Comfort at Your Fingertips

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor relaxation with the Nova 16′ Octagon Telescoping Umbrella, a paragon of versatility and elegance. This Telescoping Outdoor Umbrella offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to easily adjust its height with a simple glide of its telescopic mechanism. Whether you’re hosting an afternoon garden party or seeking solace from the midday sun, this Adjustable Height Garden Umbrella provides customizable comfort at your fingertips.

Imagine lounging by the poolside, adjusting your umbrella’s height as the sun moves across the sky, ensuring continuous shade without having to move your chair. Or picture a family gathering where guests of all ages can enjoy ample sun protection thanks to this umbrella’s adaptable nature. The telescoping feature not only enhances user convenience but also ensures that everyone can find their perfect spot under its expansive octagonal canopy.

Crafted by Frankford Umbrellas, this stylish and durable sun protection canopy is designed for those who appreciate both form and function in their outdoor decor. Its robust construction guarantees longevity while offering an elegant shade solution that complements any outdoor setting. With such ease of use and sophisticated design, it’s no wonder why discerning homeowners choose this Telescoping Outdoor Umbrella for their gardens and patios.

Frankford’s Commitment to Durability: The Large Patio Umbrella That Lasts

When it comes to outdoor living, the Frankford Large Patio Umbrella stands as a testament to unwavering quality and resilience. The Nova 16′ Octagon Telescoping Umbrella is meticulously constructed with high-quality materials that ensure its ability to withstand the elements. Its durable sun protection canopy is crafted from robust fabric designed to resist fading, tearing, and weather damage, providing reliable shade season after season.

The umbrella’s sturdy frame is engineered for longevity, featuring materials that combat rust and corrosion. This attention to durability extends throughout every component of the Frankford Large Patio Umbrella, ensuring that each opening and closing mechanism remains smooth and functional over time. Whether facing intense sunlight or unexpected downpours, this umbrella promises enduring performance and steadfast protection against the harshness of nature’s whims.

Frankford’s commitment to durability means investing in an outdoor accessory that will remain a centerpiece in your garden or patio for years to come. With its expansive coverage and elegant design, this telescoping umbrella not only offers superior sun protection but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. Choose Frankford for a large patio umbrella that combines strength with style—a true ally in creating comfortable and inviting outdoor environments.

Enhancing Poolside Pleasure with High-Quality Accessories

Imagine lounging by the pool, the sun’s rays gently warming your skin while you sip on a refreshing beverage. Now picture that same scene with the added luxury of a Nova 16′ Octagon Umbrella, casting a wide expanse of cooling shade over your poolside retreat. This high-quality poolside accessory is more than just an umbrella; it’s an essential element for enhancing your outdoor pleasure and comfort. With its vast canopy, this telescoping outdoor umbrella provides ample UV protection, ensuring that you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about harmful sun exposure.

The Nova 16′ Telescopic Umbrella is designed to be user-friendly and versatile. Its telescoping feature allows for adjustable height settings, giving you control over how much shade you desire at any time of day. Whether you’re hosting a midday garden party or enjoying an evening dip in the pool, this durable sun protection canopy adapts to your needs seamlessly. Moreover, its robust construction ensures longevity and resilience against the elements—meaning your investment continues to pay off season after season.

Incorporating both functionality and elegance, this stylish octagonal shade solution from Frankford Umbrellas enhances any outdoor setting with its sophisticated design. The ease of use combined with extensive coverage makes it an indispensable high-quality poolside accessory for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Nova 16′ Octagon Telescoping Umbrella a must-have for my outdoor space?
A: The Nova 16′ Octagon Telescoping Umbrella is an essential addition to any garden or patio, offering expansive and adjustable sun protection with its telescopic feature. Crafted by Frankford Umbrellas, this high-quality poolside accessory combines durability with style, ensuring that your outdoor oasis remains comfortable and chic throughout the seasons. Its robust framework paired with an elegant octagonal canopy provides both function and flair, making it more than just an umbrella—it’s a sophisticated shade solution.
Q: How does the telescoping feature of the 896NGU enhance my outdoor experience?
A: With its innovative telescoping design, this large patio umbrella allows you to easily adjust the height according to your needs—whether you’re seeking maximum coverage from the midday sun or looking to create a cozy ambiance in the evening. This flexibility ensures that no matter what time of day it is, you can enjoy optimal comfort under this stylish octagonal shade solution.
Q: Can I count on long-term durability when purchasing this Frankford Large Patio Umbrella?
A: Absolutely! The Nova 16′ Octagon Telescoping Umbrella is built using premium materials known for their resilience against weather elements. From its sturdy frame construction designed by Frankford Umbrellas—a brand synonymous with quality—to its durable sun protection canopy fabric; every aspect has been meticulously crafted for longevity so that your investment continues providing value season after season.