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The Monterey 11′ Octagon Pulley Lift Market Umbrella is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. With its durable construction and easy-to-use pulley lift system, this umbrella provides shade and protection from the sun all day long. The octagon shape adds a touch of elegance, while the pulley lift makes opening and closing a breeze. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or lounging by the pool, this umbrella will keep you cool and comfortable. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory for your patio or deck!


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Recacril® Orange Stripe R-005

Recacril® Turquoise Stripe R-011

Recacril® Red Stripe R-012

Recacril® Blue Stripe R-016

Recacril® Black Stripe R-017

Recacril® Yellow Stripe R-055

Recacril® White R-099

Recacril® Linen R-100

Recacril® Forest Green R-102

Recacril® Black R-103

Recacril® Chesnut R-104

Recacril® Salmon R-105

Recacril® Linen R-126

Recacril® Cadet Grey R-138

Recacril® Brown R-156

Recacril® Pistachio R-160

Recacril® Charcoal Grey R-164

Recacril® Steel BlueR-169

Recacril® Turquoise R-171

Recacril® Pacific Blue R-172

Recacril® Captain Navy R-175

Recacril® Logo Red R-176

Recacril® Burgundy R-177

Recacril® Yellow R-554

Recacril® Orange R-567


Brushed Silver

Golden Oak


Desert Bronze

Alpine White

Heather Willow

Classic Ball Finial

Vertex Finial

Weight22 lbs (9.98 kg)
Dimensions132 x 132 x 108 in (335.28 x 335.28 x 274.32 cm)

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Introducing the Monterey 11′ Octagon Pulley Lift Market Umbrella – The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Are you tired of sweltering under the scorching sun during your outdoor gatherings? Do you long for a shady retreat where you can relax and enjoy cool breezes on hot summer days? Look no further than the Monterey 11′ Octagon Pulley Lift Market Umbrella. With its exceptional design, superior quality, and unbeatable functionality, this umbrella is sure to become an essential addition to your outdoor space.

The Ultimate Outdoor Companion

Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, poolside party, or cozy evening with friends on your patio, our Monterey market umbrella provides the perfect shade solution. Its generous size spans over 11 feet in diameter, offering ample coverage for large seating areas. Say goodbye to uncomfortable squabbles over limited shaded spots – everyone will have their own personal oasis beneath this expansive canopy.

Made from premium materials that are built to withstand harsh weather conditions year after year, our market umbrella ensures durability without compromising style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisans who take pride in delivering only the best products possible.

Sleek Design Meets Unmatched Versatility

The sleek octagonal shape of our Monterey market umbrella adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outdoor setting. Whether placed beside a sparkling swimming pool or nestled amidst lush greenery in your garden sanctuary – this stunning piece effortlessly enhances any ambiance.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, versatility is another standout feature of our product. Thanks to its pulley lift system mechanism which allows easy opening and closing at just one pull! No more struggling with complicated mechanisms or wrestling against strong winds while trying desperately not let go off other umbrellas!

Unparalleled Protection from the Elements

The Monterey 11′ Octagon Pulley Lift Market Umbrella is not just a pretty face – it’s designed to provide exceptional protection against the elements. The premium-grade fabric used in its construction offers UPF 50+ sun protection, shielding you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays.

But that’s not all! Our market umbrella also boasts excellent water resistance, ensuring that unexpected rain showers won’t dampen your outdoor plans. With this umbrella by your side, you can confidently host gatherings without worrying about sudden weather changes ruining the fun.

Built for Convenience and Ease of Use

We understand that convenience matters when it comes to enjoying outdoor spaces. That’s why our Monterey market umbrella features a pulley lift system which allows effortless opening and closing with minimal effort required on your part.

No more struggling with complicated mechanisms or wrestling against strong winds while trying desperately not let go off other umbrellas!

In addition, our product includes an adjustable tilt feature so you can easily customize the angle of shade according to the position of the sun throughout the day. This ensures maximum comfort for everyone beneath its protective canopy at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this umbrella suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely! The Monterey 11′ Octagon Pulley Lift Market Umbrella is built using high-quality materials specifically chosen for their durability even under heavy usage conditions. Whether you own a restaurant, cafe, or any other commercial establishment with outdoor seating areas, this umbrella is designed to withstand the demands of daily use.

Can I leave this umbrella outside all year round?

While our Monterey market umbrella is built to endure various weather conditions, we recommend using a protective cover and storing it during extreme weather events such as heavy storms or strong winds. This will help prolong its lifespan and ensure that you can enjoy its benefits for years to come.

What colors are available for the canopy?

Our Monterey 11′ Octagon Pulley Lift Market Umbrella comes in an array of beautiful color options including classic neutrals like beige and gray as well as vibrant hues like red and blue. Choose the shade that best complements your outdoor decor style.

The Perfect Outdoor Oasis Awaits You

Don’t let scorching sun rays ruin your outdoor experience – invest in the Monterey 11′ Octagon Pulley Lift Market Umbrella today! With its exceptional design, superior quality materials, effortless functionality, and unbeatable protection from the elements – it’s truly an ideal choice for anyone seeking both style and practicality.

Visit our website now to explore the various color options and find the perfect umbrella that will transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and relaxation. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection – choose Monterey, where style meets functionality!

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