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Elevate your outdoor space with the MAD Fusion Bar Arm Chair Woven by Seaside Casual, a testament to both style and durability. Crafted for longevity, this chair withstands extreme weather, from corrosive seaside air to intense Arizona heat. Its traditional design is reimagined with modern materials, offering easy maintenance without compromising on elegance. The 283 Woven SKU ensures you’re investing in quality that endures season after season. Perfect for creating a coastal-inspired retreat right in your backyard.

Product Specs
SKU 283 Woven Categories , , Collection by Weight33 lbs (14.97 kg)Dimensions20.5 x 24.5 x 45.5 in (52.07 62.23 115.57 cm)MaterialEnviroWoodShipping ETAShips between 08-16 and 08-30Arm Height38Arm Height38



Slate Gray (57)

Cocoa Bean (53)

White Wash (52)

White 02

Natural 03

Grey 05

Black 06

Charcoal 07

Chestnut 16

Experience Coastal Elegance with the Seaside Casual MAD Fusion Bar Chair

Immerse yourself in the serenity of ocean-inspired living with the Seaside Casual MAD Fusion Bar Chair. This exquisite piece embodies the essence of coastal design outdoor seating, blending traditional aesthetics with innovative materials. The intricate weave pattern and graceful lines of this Seaside Casual armchair evoke a sense of calm reminiscent of a seaside retreat, making it an ideal choice for those looking to infuse their outdoor space with coastal elegance. Whether perched by your poolside bar or standing on your patio, the MAD Fusion Bar Chair offers not just a place to sit but an experience that transports you to a tranquil, beachfront haven.

Discover the All-Weather Durability of Our Outdoor Woven Bar Chair

Experience the ultimate in durable patio furniture with our Seaside Casual MAD Fusion Bar Arm Chair Woven. Designed to endure the harshest of climates, this outdoor woven bar chair is not just a piece of furniture but a lasting investment for your garden or patio. Its robust construction guarantees that it stands up against extreme weather conditions, making it the perfect all-weather garden armchair. Whether you’re dealing with salty sea air or scorching sun, rest assured that your outdoor oasis will remain stylish and comfortable year-round.

Seamless Integration into Any Patio Decor with MAD Fusion’s Versatile Style

The MAD Fusion Bar Chair is the epitome of versatility, designed to blend seamlessly with any patio decor. Whether your outdoor space boasts a classic, coastal vibe or a sleek, contemporary design, this barstool’s timeless silhouette and modern materials make it an effortless addition. The intricate woven detailing adds a touch of elegance that complements various styles, ensuring that this durable patio furniture piece will not only stand the test of time but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entertainment area. Its adaptability makes it more than just seating; it’s a statement piece that unifies your decor with understated sophistication.

Maintenance Made Easy: Enjoy More Time Relaxing Outdoors

With the MAD Fusion Bar Arm Chair Woven, you can spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying your outdoor oasis. This easy maintenance outdoor chair is designed with modern materials that require minimal care, allowing you to effortlessly wipe away spills or debris. The resilience of this durable patio furniture means it stands up to the elements without needing frequent treatments or repairs. Simply sit back, relax, and appreciate the beauty and comfort of your Seaside Casual armchair with the peace of mind that it will remain pristine with very little effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the MAD Fusion Bar Arm Chair Woven a durable choice for outdoor seating?
A: The Seaside Casual MAD Fusion Bar Arm Chair Woven is designed to endure extreme weather conditions, from corrosive seaside air to intense Arizona heat. Crafted with modern materials that are built to last, this chair promises longevity and easy maintenance without sacrificing style—making it an ideal addition for any patio or garden seeking durable furniture.
Q: How does the design of the MAD Fusion Bar Arm Chair enhance my outdoor space?
A: With its coastal-inspired aesthetics and traditional charm reimagined through contemporary materials, the MAD Fusion Bar Arm Chair adds elegance and sophistication to your outdoor area. Its woven texture offers a touch of refinement while providing comfortable seating at bar height—perfect for enjoying elevated views in your backyard retreat.
Q: Can I expect easy maintenance with my Seaside Casual armchair purchase?
A: Absolutely! The all-weather construction of our Seaside Casual armchairs ensures they require minimal upkeep. The use of modern materials means you can enjoy more time relaxing in your stylish outdoor setting rather than worrying about extensive cleaning or care routines.