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G-series 13' Octagon Double Pulley


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Recacril® Orange Stripe R-005

Recacril® Turquoise Stripe R-011

Recacril® Red Stripe R-012

Recacril® Blue Stripe R-016

Recacril® Black Stripe R-017

Recacril® Yellow Stripe R-055

Recacril® White R-099

Recacril® Toast R-100

Recacril® Forest Green R-102

Recacril® Black R-103

Recacril® Terracotta R-104

Recacril® Coral R-105

Recacril® Linen R-126

Recacril® Cadet Grey R-138

Recacril® Brown R-156

Recacril® Pistachio R-160

Recacril® Charcoal Grey R-164

Recacril® Capri R-169

Recacril® Turquoise R-171

Recacril® Pacific Blue R-172

Recacril® Navy Blue R-175

Recacril® Logo Red R-176

Recacril® Burgundy R-177

Recacril® Sunflower Yellow R-554

Recacril® Orange R-567

Polished Anodized Silver

Matte Silver

Golden Oak [+$105.00]

Matte Black [+$105.00]

Matte Bronze [+$105.00]

Matte White [+$105.00]

Heather Willow [+$105.00]

Classic Ball Finial

Vertex Finial


  • Smooth and effortless double pulley system
  • .75” diameter fiberglass ribs and struts support this giant canopy, and provides strength and rigidity
  • 2” diameter single piece aluminum center pole is 3 mm thick, provides incredible strength and durability
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout


  • clearance: 85″
  • closed clearance: 20″
  • mast diameter: 2″
Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 156 × 156 × 115 in

Frankford Umbrellas