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Elevate your outdoor comfort with the Sunglo Black Wheel Kit, a must-have accessory for your patio heater. Designed to seamlessly fit models A242, A270, and PSA265, this kit allows you to effortlessly move your heater to the perfect spot for any gathering. Installation is a breeze with all hardware included, ensuring that your space remains warm and inviting wherever you choose. The durable construction promises longevity and ease of use. Enhance your patio experience with this practical mobility solution—your guests will thank you!

Product Specs
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Maximize Your Patio Heater’s Portability with the Sunglo Black Wheel Kit

Enhance the functionality of your Sunglo heater with the Sunglo Black Wheel Kit, an essential patio heater wheel kit designed to offer unparalleled convenience. This outdoor heater mobility kit transforms your stationary heating solution into a versatile, mobile unit that can be easily relocated to suit any outdoor setting or event. The robust Sunglo wheel accessory is engineered for effortless maneuverability, allowing you to glide your patio heater across decks and patios with minimal effort. With this addition, repositioning your heat source for optimal comfort becomes a simple task, ensuring that warmth follows you wherever you go. Upgrade your outdoor heating experience with this indispensable mobility kit and enjoy the freedom of arranging your space exactly as you desire.

Effortless Installation: Get Your Sunglo Heater Rolling in No Time

Forget about complicated setups and tedious instructions. The 10295516 mobile base is a game-changer for those seeking an uncomplicated solution to heater mobility. With the black wheel kit for Sunglo heaters, you can expect an effortless installation process that will have your outdoor space heated in no time. Designed specifically for compatibility with models A242, A270, and PSA265, these easy-install heater wheels come with all necessary hardware, making it simple to attach them to your patio heater. Just a few steps and you’ll be ready to roll your Sunglo heater wherever warmth is needed most.

Compatibility Meets Convenience: A242, A270 & PSA265 Models Welcome

Enhance your Sunglo heater’s versatility with the Black Wheel Kit, specifically designed to be A242 A270 PSA265 compatible wheels. This essential accessory ensures that whether you own a Sunglo A242, A270, or PSA265 model, you can enjoy the convenience of mobility. No more heavy lifting or awkward carrying; simply attach this wheel kit and glide your patio heater to its ideal location with ease. The integration is so seamless that it feels like an extension of your heater—perfect for those who value both compatibility and convenience in their outdoor spaces.

Durable Design for Enduring Outdoor Enjoyment

Experience the epitome of durable outdoor heating with the Sunglo Black Wheel Kit. Crafted to withstand the rigors of any weather, this kit is not just a practical addition but a testament to enduring design. The robust construction ensures that your patio heater glides smoothly across your outdoor space, thanks to the high-quality wheels engineered for longevity. Whether you’re repositioning your heater for a cozy evening under the stars or storing it away after a night of entertainment, these wheels are designed to handle every move with ease. Trust in this wheel kit to provide reliable mobility and enhance your outdoor enjoyment season after season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Sunglo Black Wheel Kit a must-have for my patio heater?
A: The Sunglo Black Wheel Kit is an essential accessory that enhances your outdoor heating experience by providing effortless mobility. Designed specifically to fit models A242, A270, and PSA265, this kit allows you to easily move your patio heater wherever warmth is needed most during gatherings or events. With its easy-install feature and durable construction, it promises both convenience and longevity—making it a smart investment for anyone looking to optimize their outdoor comfort.
Q: How simple is the installation process of the 10295516 mobile base?
A: Installation of the 10295516 mobile base couldn’t be more straightforward. The package includes all necessary hardware so you can set up your new black wheel kit quickly without any hassle. This means less time spent on setup and more time enjoying a warm and inviting atmosphere in different areas of your patio with ease.
Q: Can I use this wheel kit with other brands or just Sunglo heaters?
A: This particular black wheel kit has been crafted exclusively for compatibility with specific Sunglo heater models: A242, A270, and PSA265. Its design ensures a perfect fit for these units, guaranteeing stability and smooth movement across various surfaces in your outdoor space.
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