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Elevate your outdoor living space with the Telescope Casual Belle Isle Cushion Armless Single-Seat Section. Crafted for supreme comfort and enduring style, this luxurious seating option features plush cushions and a resilient, weather-resistant construction. Its armless design allows for seamless integration into any patio setup, encouraging endless configurations to suit your entertaining needs. Perfect for poolside relaxation or garden gatherings, this elegant piece promises to be the highlight of your exterior decor while offering an inviting retreat for you and your guests. Enhance your al fresco experience with this sophisticated addition from Telescope Casual.

Product Specs
SKU B0S Categories , , Collection by Weight14 lbs (6.35 kg)Dimensions33 x 22.5 x 37.5 in (83.82 57.15 95.25 cm)MaterialAluminumShipping ETAShips between 07-22 and 08-05American MadeAmerican Made Near Me


Canvas Seasalt

Canvas Macaw



Canvas Raffia



Forest Green

Cast Breeze

True Blue

Pacific Blue

Cast Sable



Cast Silver




Canvas Flax






Mineral Blue






Canvas Henna

Cast Ivy

Canvas Persimmon

Canvas Haze

Blue & White Stripe

Marvel Sage

Remix Mesa

Remix Camel

Marvel Linen

Marvel Mushroom

Relate Ivy

Highlight Ivy

Highlight Splendor

Relate Persimmon

Hither Twilight

Relate Harbor

Grasscloth Cloud

Atlantic Blue Stripe

Expand Calypso

Expand Tamale

Equal Ink

Fresco Ash

Highlight Linen

Remy Dove

Hither Parchment

Bliss Linen

Grasscloth Vapor

Grasscloth Buff

Hither Pewter

Bliss Bark

Grasscloth Dune

Guru Walnut

Bliss Sand


Linen Sesame

Equal Graphite

Hither Char

Bliss Dew

Gateway Indigo

White Texture


Warm Grey







Discover the Elegance of Telescope Casual Belle Isle: A Luxury Outdoor Experience

Step into a realm of sophistication and comfort with the Telescope Casual Belle Isle Cushion Armless Single-Seat Section. This exquisite piece embodies the pinnacle of Luxury Patio Seating, offering an unparalleled outdoor experience. The plush cushions invite you to sink in and savor the serenity of your surroundings, while its durable construction ensures that this stylish backyard seating solution withstands the elements with grace. Whether nestled by the poolside or accentuating your garden space, the Belle Isle Section is more than just furniture—it’s a statement of elegance and luxury that transforms any exterior into a chic retreat.

Transform Your Patio with Our Weather-Resistant Single Seat: Comfort Meets Durability

Experience the ultimate blend of comfort and durability with our Telescope Casual Belle Isle Cushion Armless Single-Seat Section. This exquisite Outdoor Armless Chair is meticulously designed to withstand the elements, ensuring that your investment remains as inviting and stylish as the day you bought it. The premium materials used in this Weather-Resistant Single Seat guarantee that it will endure through sun, rain, or even pool splashes, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor setting. Whether you’re lounging by the poolside or hosting a garden party, this chair offers unparalleled Poolside Furniture Comfort, inviting you to relax in its plush cushions while enjoying the great outdoors.

Customize Your Outdoor Oasis: The Modular Sofa Revolution

Imagine the freedom to design your patio space exactly as you envision it, with every piece fitting together like a dream. The Customizable Modular Sofa concept brings this vision to life, and the Telescope Casual Belle Isle Cushion Armless Single-Seat Section is at the forefront of this revolution. With its sleek armless design, you can seamlessly connect multiple units or mix and match with other modular components to create a unique outdoor oasis that reflects your personal style. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon by the pool, this luxurious weather-resistant single seat adapts to any occasion or layout change with ease. Embrace the art of customization and let your backyard become a true extension of your home’s character.

A Masterpiece of Relaxation: High-Quality Lounger for Discerning Tastes

Indulge in the epitome of outdoor comfort with our High-Quality Outdoor Lounger, a true testament to the art of relaxation. Each Belle Isle Cushion Armless Single-Seat Section is meticulously crafted by Telescope Casual, a brand synonymous with excellence and durability. The premium materials selected for this lounger ensure it stands up to the elements without sacrificing style or comfort. From its plush cushions that beckon you to unwind, to its robust, weather-resistant frame designed for longevity, every detail reflects an unwavering commitment to quality. This luxurious piece not only complements your outdoor space but elevates it, offering a stylish backyard seating solution that invites you to lounge in sophistication. Whether placed poolside or nestled within your garden sanctuary, this high-quality outdoor lounger promises serenity and class for those with discerning tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Telescope Casual Belle Isle Section a must-have for my outdoor space?
A: The Telescope Casual Belle Isle Cushion Armless Single-Seat Section is an essential addition to any luxury patio setup due to its supreme comfort, enduring style, and weather-resistant construction. Its plush cushions provide unparalleled relaxation while the armless design allows for versatile configurations that can enhance your poolside or garden gatherings. This high-quality lounger promises not only stylish backyard seating but also an inviting retreat that will be the highlight of your exterior decor.
Q: How does the customizable modular sofa feature benefit my patio arrangement?
A: The beauty of our Outdoor Armless Chair lies in its flexibility; it’s designed as part of a customizable modular sofa system which means you can seamlessly integrate this piece with other sections to create a personalized layout tailored specifically to your entertaining needs and space requirements. Whether you’re hosting large parties or intimate family get-togethers, this single-seat section adapts effortlessly, offering endless possibilities for creating cozy corners or expansive seating arrangements.
Q: Can I leave my Luxury Patio Seating out by the pool all year round?
A: Absolutely! The Weather-Resistant Single Seat from Telescope Casual is built with durability in mind. It features materials capable of withstanding various elements so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment remains protected against sun damage and inclement weather conditions—making it perfect for year-round enjoyment beside your pool or in any outdoor setting.