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Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the Tropitone Acrylic 42″ Square Dining Umbrella Table, a perfect blend of style and functionality. This ADA-compliant table is crafted for comfort and accessibility, featuring a durable acrylic top that withstands the elements with ease. Designed to accommodate an umbrella, you can enjoy shade on sunny days or dine under the stars in style. Its robust construction ensures longevity, making it a staple for any residential patio setting. Embrace the legacy of Tropitone’s commitment to quality outdoor furnishings and transform your space into a luxurious retreat. Product SKU: 4243AU

Product Specs
SKU 4243AU Category Collection by Weight49 lbs (22.23 kg)Dimensions42 x 42 x 28.5 in (106.68 106.68 72.39 cm)MaterialAluminumShipping ETAShips between 06-04 and 06-18Seating Capacity4 dining chairs (22" wide each) fit at this table.



Snow SNO

Parchment PMT

Shell SHL

Sonora SNR

Moab MOA

Almond Silk ASK [+$16.00]

Titanium TIN [+$16.00]

Aluminum Metallic ALM [+$16.00]

Mocha MOC

Graphite GPH

Kaffee KFF

Aged Bronze ABR [+$16.00]

Greco GRE

Rich Earth REA [+$16.00]

Espresso ESP [+$16.00]

Obsidian OBS

Nickel NKL [+$16.00]

Discover the Elegance of Tropitone’s Acrylic Dining Table

Step into a world where style meets functionality with Tropitone’s Acrylic 42″ Square Dining Umbrella Table. This exquisite acrylic dining table is not just a piece of furniture, but a statement of elegance for any luxury outdoor dining set. Its sleek design and clear, weather-resistant acrylic top bring an air of sophistication to your patio or garden. The ADA-compliant features ensure that everyone can enjoy the comfort and beauty of this table without barriers. Whether hosting a sunny brunch or an intimate evening meal, the built-in umbrella provision offers versatility for any occasion. Embrace the fusion of durability and design with this Tropitone patio table, and create unforgettable outdoor moments in utmost style.

Experience Accessibility with ADA Compliant Outdoor Furniture

Embrace the spirit of inclusivity with our Tropitone Acrylic 42″ Square Dining Umbrella Table, a prime example of ADA compliant outdoor furniture. This table is meticulously designed to meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring that everyone has equal access to enjoy outdoor spaces. The thoughtful construction provides ample knee clearance and an accessible height, making it welcoming for all guests. Its robust acrylic surface offers not only weather-resistant durability but also the ease of maintenance. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or accommodating patrons in a commercial setting, this luxury outdoor dining set guarantees that no one is left out from the alfresco experience.

Dine in Comfort: The 42 Inch Square Umbrella Table Advantage

Experience the ultimate in outdoor dining with our Tropitone Acrylic 42″ Square Dining Umbrella Table. Its generous dimensions provide ample space for guests to gather around and enjoy meals in total comfort. The square shape ensures that everyone has enough elbow room, while the central umbrella feature offers a shaded retreat from the sun’s rays. This 42 inch square umbrella table is not only a stylish centerpiece for your patio but also ADA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all. Whether you’re hosting a brunch or an evening soiree, this weather-resistant acrylic table invites you to dine in luxury and comfort.

Weather-Resistant Acrylic: Built to Last Through Seasons

Crafted with a premium weather-resistant acrylic table top, the Tropitone Acrylic 42″ Square Dining Umbrella Table is engineered to endure the harshest of weather conditions. The high-quality acrylic material boasts exceptional durability, resisting damage from sun exposure, rain, and even snow. This means that whether you’re enjoying a summer brunch or an autumn evening meal outdoors, your table’s surface remains pristine and unfazed by the changing seasons. Its resilience makes it an ideal choice for both residential patios and commercial settings where longevity is key. With this luxury outdoor dining set, rest assured that its beauty and functionality will remain intact year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Tropitone Acrylic 42″ Square Dining Umbrella Table a must-have for my outdoor space?
A: The Tropitone Acrylic 42″ Square Dining Umbrella Table is an essential addition to any upscale patio or deck, offering both elegance and practicality. Its ADA-compliant design ensures accessibility for all guests, while the weather-resistant acrylic top provides durability against the elements. The convenience of having an umbrella-compatible table means you can enjoy comfortable dining in sunshine or under starlit skies with ease.
Q: How does the ADA compliance of this outdoor dining table benefit me?
A: ADA compliance signifies that this table has been designed with inclusivity in mind, featuring specifications that accommodate individuals with disabilities. This not only broadens your hosting capabilities but also demonstrates a commitment to comfort and access for everyone who may join you around your luxury outdoor dining set.
Q: Can I expect long-term durability from my purchase of this commercial-grade patio table?
A: Absolutely! Crafted by Tropitone—a brand synonymous with quality—this acrylic dining table boasts robust construction meant to withstand frequent use and harsh weather conditions without compromising on style. Investing in such a high-quality piece translates into years of reliable service and timeless appeal on your residential patio.