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As you plan to renovate or just revamp your backyard oasis this year, it’s important to select outdoor products carefully. There are certain factors you need to take into account, such as durability, sustainability and style. Turning your backyard into a luxury oasis is an investment in your lifestyle, and that’s why we recommend teak outdoor furniture as one of the best investments you can make in high quality outdoor furnishings for your home.

Durability of Teak Outdoor Furniture

When you invest in classically styled outdoor furniture for your backyard oasis, you want to be sure the pieces will last for years, or even decades, to come. And you want them to keep their good looks with minimal care and upkeep.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor tres chic teak outdoor furniture Hausers Patio
These pieces from the Tommy Bahama Outdoor Tres Chic collection of teak outdoor furniture showcase the beauty of the wood in a gorgeous contemporary style

Thanks to teak outdoor furniture being made from close-grained hardwood with high oil content, these pieces are naturally resistant to rot, insects, acidic and alkaline substances as well as the ill effects of water, sun and frost.  Teak wood is both strong and heavy. Teak wood’s density contributes to the furniture’s sturdiness. Teak outdoor furniture is far superior to any made with particle board, which is easily damaged by water. A light sanding and polish every couple years or so keeps it beautiful. Because these pieces are so durable, they could easily last for a century or more and be considered treasures to hand down to your grandchildren.

Sustainability of Teak Wood

While there is much demand for teak outdoor furniture due to its superior qualities, many manufacturers now turn to teak plantations to supply this wood. This leaves old-growth teak wood to flourish in forests. Because the trees are resistant to termites and insects, the wood continues to grow for a much longer time than other species, allowing West African and Indonesian forests, where teak grows as a native plant, to thrive.

Perfect for Warm, Wet Climates

Did you know? Teak outdoor furniture actually moderates heat. In the middle of a hot summer, the wood still feels cool to the touch; on a cold day the opposite is true. This makes teak furniture pleasant to touch, in addition to its naturally silky wood feel.

Lloyd Flankers Wildwood teak Hausers Patio
These seating pieces from the Wildwood collection by Lloyd Flanders show off the beauty of teak and how well it can be incorporated in your luxury backyard oasis

Teak wood is also resistant to water and moisture – a big bonus here in the San Diego area. This is due to its high oil content and a reason why craftsmen have been using teak to build decks and flooring for ships over centuries.

Teak Outdoor Furniture is Beautiful

teak umbrellas vineyard Hausers Patio
Even a shade umbrella crafted from durable teak wood looks lovely poolside

And finally, a big advantage of teak outdoor furniture is its aesthetic appeal. The straight grain combined with its richly toned gold color makes it easy to turn teak into a gorgeous piece for your backyard oasis. It pairs nicely with gold-toned metals and doesn’t cause an adverse contact reaction due to moisture leakage, as many other woods do. Teak outdoor furniture looks lovely combined with nearly any color or pattern of upholstery.

When it’s time to upgrade your backyard oasis with lovely and durable teak outdoor furniture, we urge you to contact us so we can show you the many styles and options.

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