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We often remind our customers that they should treat their backyard oasis similar to a room in their home in regard to decorations, furnishings and outdoor accessories. After all, this space is another living area – one that you might use more often than indoor rooms – so it should be as comfortable and fully equipped as possible. One way to ensure that it is beautifully furnished is to add outdoor artwork to the walls.

Outdoor Artwork? Yes, Please!

We’d hazard to guess that most San Diego homeowners never give a thought to decorating outdoor walls. And if they do, it’s probably with the idea that the artwork must be crafted from metal and protected from the wind, rain, sun and sea salt.

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That’s why we are happy to introduce you to a line of outdoor artwork that is meant to withstand the elements. These pieces of art for the walls of your patio, gazebo, porch or cabana are UV resistant, waterproof and printed with archival quality inks. High quality photography suitable to be reproduced in large format is made into gicleé prints with resists erosion and fading.

Each print comes with a hardware kit that allows you to install it on any type of wall, such as concrete, stucco, wood, brick or even aluminum. The installation hooks and stainless steel-reinforced framework ensure that your artwork will stay in place, even in winds up to 60 mph.  This high quality outdoor artwork is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Perhaps the hardest part of adding outdoor artwork to your backyard oasis is selecting from the hundreds of prints available.

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There are plenty of choices for gorgeous prints that echo our Southern California beach vibe – sailboats, ocean scenes, sandy vignettes, piers, wharves, palm trees and tides. For a dramatic effect, choose an expansive triptych that can easily decorate an entire wall.

outdoor artwork Hausers Patio


Then again, you may want to go with a completely different subject matter. There are plenty of pieces that are photographs and prints of foreign locales. If beautiful florals are more your style, you have lots to choose from. Rustic country chic that is all the rage right now is nicely represented, as well, with scenes involving old trucks, wooden crates and vintage signs. From animals to landscapes to city scenes and those with LED lights, you can find nearly any subject of interest in our large selection of outdoor artwork.

If you are passionate about decorating for the holidays, you will find lots of choices for Christmas scenes. Each style is also available with lights.

Adding artwork to the walls of your outdoor living space adds that special touch to take it from just another backyard, to an al fresco room that is warm, inviting and fully decorated.

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