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With colder weather on the way and a likelihood that you will be entertaining outdoors, now is the time to find a source of outdoor heat. But what type of outdoor heater works best in your outdoor living room? Let’s take a look at the options, which include hanging or standing heaters and wall or ceiling mounted heaters.

Standing Heaters

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Standing heaters, most often powered by propane tanks, are a simple, inexpensive way to heat your outdoor living space. The advantage to this type of outdoor heater is that they are mobile and can easily move from one area to the next. A disadvantage is that you must get the propane tank refilled. They heat an outdoor area of about 115 square feet. A standing heater (or two) works well in a small area. Some of them even have a table surrounding the neck of the heater, making them an ideal place for intimate meals al fresco.

There are also natural gas models available to be permanently mounted in the ground or outdoor flooring surface which is ideal if you do not wish to worry about refilling a propane tank.

Hanging Heaters

Sunglo hanging heater luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Another type of outdoor heater is a hanging heater. These outdoor heaters are most often powered by natural gas and hung from brackets attached to outside walls of your home or supporting posts. They are quite decorative and you can select from several styles of brackets. This is a pricier option but they tend to be more durable. Hanging heaters provide warmth for an area of 100 – 150 square feet but it is easy to post several around the perimeter of a patio or deck. Once again, this is a good option for smaller or semi-enclosed spaces.

Wall Mounted or Ceiling Mounted Heaters

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Infrared heaters that mount to a sturdy wall or ceiling are powered by regular electricity and can be wired right into your home’s outdoor electrical system. Some electric heaters can be installed flush with a ceiling in your outdoor covered patio, but this would require professional installation, a permit and perhaps even an extra power box. Some models are also available that use propane or natural gas.

An advantage to ceiling mounted heaters is that they can be tucked up under eaves or hidden by facades. Then again, you can always opt for a fascia kit that disguises the more utilitarian features of the heater.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Depending on the size of the heater, the BTUs and the power source, it can add warmth to about 9 square feet or up to several hundred, such as you could expect with the Sunpak Heater pictured, which emits 34,000 BTUs.

When you have a large outdoor living area, wall mounted or ceiling mounted heaters are the best option.

If you are considering adding warmth to your backyard space, now is the perfect time to order. Use these options to determine what type of outdoor heater works best in your outdoor living room and be prepared for comfortable entertaining outside just in time for the holidays.