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What Can New Outdoor Patio Cushions Do for Your Backyard

Outdoor patio cushions are just one feature of the furnishings in your backyard living space. They may seem like a trivial item, almost an afterthought when it comes to decorating your patio, deck or sunroom. But the truth is that even small things can make a difference in the overall look and comfort. Here are all the ways new outdoor patio cushions will take your backyard oasis to the next level.

Add a Punch of Color

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
These purple patio cushions really stand out against a backdrop of greenery

The furnishings in our outdoor living space tend to be rather, well, drab. The aluminum, white or black frames of metal seating pieces, the clear glass tops of tables, the pool deck in beige, the outdoor heaters in silver, the clear strings of lights – none of these are meant to stand out. Outdoor patio cushions, however, can easily carry the burden of adding a punch of color. Choose bright, bold hues, or opt for patterns that combine your favorite colors in a plaid, paisley or floral print. In either case, new outdoor patio cushions are just the thing for transforming your backyard from drab to fab.

Increase Comfort

As outdoor chairs, sofas and lounges get older, the upholstery cushions can become degraded by weather, wear and the environment. Deep seat patio cushions can compress, leaving you with little in the way of padding.

Replacement outdoor cushions luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
New outdoor cushions provide renewed comfort in your existing seating pieces

New outdoor patio cushions to the rescue! Simply take measurements of the cushions on your seating pieces and the professionals at Hauser’s Patio will find perfect replacements. Or, we can manufacture new outdoor patio cushions that match the dimensions of the old ones, stuffed with new material and covered in your choice of gorgeous new fabric. Do not throw out those old lawn chairs; replace their cushions to get more life from your investment.

Create a Stylish New Look

Corsica cushion seating luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
When its tine to update the look of your outdoor living space start by refurbishing the frames and replacing the patio cushions

Perhaps your outdoor oasis is lacking a bit of pizzazz and panache and it is time for a makeover. There is no need to start all over with purchasing new outdoor furnishings. Restore and refurbish what you already own to create a stylish new look. Not only can Hauser’s Patio replace your old outdoor patio cushions, we can also repair and repaint the frames of all your chairs, sofas, tables, loungers and shade features in your choice of powder coated finish. You will not believe the difference it makes when your old favorites sport a fresh coat of paint and beautifully reupholstered patio seat cushions.

Make Your Home More Attractive

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

No matter how you imagine it, a set of new outdoor patio cushions make a big difference in the backyard, and thus makes your entire home more attractive. Attention to all the little details, such as keeping the flooring clean, clearing the cobwebs, spraying off the dust, adding fresh flowers and replacing the lawn chair seat cushions, shows pride of ownership in a space where you love to entertain.

When you are ready to make a difference in the look of your backyard oasis, trust Hauser’s Patio for new outdoor patio cushions and let us completely refurbish all your outdoor furnishings while you are at it. You will be richly rewarded with a bright, comfortable, attractive new deck, patio or porch with minimal effort.

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