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What are Seatables and How to Use Them

Have you heard the term “seatable” in regard to outdoor furnishings? If not, you are sure to want to read this article which explains what are seatables and how to use them throughout your outdoor living space. They are new and unique pieces that serve more than a single function while providing an extra layer of sophistication.

Seatables by Gensun Casual

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Channel seatables have a contemporary design that goes with nearly any style of outdoor decor.

Gensun Casual is the company that came up with the concept of seatables and how to use them. Reminiscent of a jardiniere, a seatable combines contemporary style with a variety of finishes and serves as both a side table and stool or seat. Meant to go with other pieces in their collections, such as seating, fire tables and dining sets, Gensun Casual offers several different styles of seatables. There are also matching accessories available.

These small tables/stools are 15” high by 15” wide and 18” in height. At just over 25 pounds, they are light enough to move easily about your backyard oasis yet sturdy enough to withstand a good wind.

Any of the styles work great as a side table next to an outdoor chair or use a pair of them to display showy flower pots. They can be topped with a cushion for more comfortable sitting or used to prop up your feet when lounging in an outdoor recliner.

Grand Terrace Seatables

Outdoor furniture design additions seatables luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
These Grand Terrace seatables are easy to move around and serve a variety of purposes.

Grand Terrace seatables are crafted from cast aluminum and made to last a lifetime. But outside of their durability and functionality, they are designed with a woven top and interlacing ribbons reminiscent of Grecian style. Grand Terrace seatables by Gensun Casual are made to blend beautifully with their Bel Air seating collection. They are available in a wide variety of different finishes: Desert Bronze, Midnight Gold, Vintage, Shade or 16 more options.

Regal Seatable

Regal seatable luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Another collection from Gensun Casual, Regal is just that – outdoor furnishings that are designed with grand flourishes and nature-inspired details. The design on top of this stool and end table combination resembles a Greek key or maze pattern. Customize this handy piece by choosing from 20 different finishes, everything from white to ebony and lots of brown and gray shades as well as a soft toasted almond and distressed white. The pedestal shape and design of the Regal seatable is a perfect match for the Florence, Grand Terrace, Michigan, Terrace, and Verona seating collections available from Gensun Casual.

Channel Seatable

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
These Channel seatables go nicely with the Phoenix Collection from Gensun Casual.

For a contemporary look, a Channel seatable is a great choice. This one is styled simply, with a striated table top and bottom shelf enhanced by the elegant lines of four curved supports, all crafted from 100% cast aluminum. This one uses a Nova table base and would pair well with any of the pieces in that Gensun Casual collection. But it also looks lovely amidst outdoor furnishings from the Drake, Phoenix and Manhattan lines as well as with any of Gensun’s sling and woven seating collections. In terms of seatables and how to use them, the Channel model would be a perfect addition to a sling lounger poolside.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the latest outdoor furniture trend, seatables and how to use them. Both an accessory table and a seat, these small but mighty pieces are sure to lend an air of sophistication and enhance the décor in your outdoor living space.

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