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Ways to Jazz Up Your San Diego Front Porch for Summer

As we swing into the most popular time of year here in beautiful San Diego, it may be time to take a fresh look at your front porch. As the first area that most people notice about your home, a spiffed-up front porch is a vivid representation of you and your family. You will surely start to entertain outdoors more often, so why not make a great first impression as guests pull into your driveway? Here are a few tips to jazz up your San Diego front porch for the summer season.

Begin with a Clean Slate

Outdoor water hose luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

If you haven’t already done so, take the time to remove everything currently residing on your front porch: outdoor furniture, wreaths, potted plants, mats, signs and anything else that is movable. Then hit the floor and walls with a good spray of water. Scrub away stains and sweep away cobwebs, if necessary. Wipe the dust from chair cushions and tables. Now is a perfect time to decide whether or not you wish to replace or just get rid of any of those items that have found a place on your front porch.

Add Seating

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
These chair which swivel allow you to sit on your front porch and enjoy the view

You can’t truly enjoy the view from your San Diego front porch unless you add a couple of cushioned chairs, rockers or perhaps a swing (just make sure it is securely anchored) or loveseat. Because the porch is usually an area that is protected, feel free to shop for seating made from a slightly less durable material than metal or resin outdoor furnishings, such as rattan or wicker. Select upholstery fabric that enhances the color of siding on your home. Why not opt for a splash of color with a big floral print that draws the eye to your front porch? Select a pattern that includes the same hue as your front door.

Table It

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This comfy chair and side table are a great size for your san diego front porch

Of course, if you are going to sit on the front porch, you need a small table or tables. What type of table you opt for depends on the seating. For a pair of outdoor chairs, an ottoman with storage or an occasional table placed in between the two is a perfect fit. For a loveseat, a small coffee table works well. If you opt for a porch swing, you may want a taller table placed alongside which makes tabletop items easy to reach from the cushioned seat.

Are You a Fan?

Another useful addition to your front porch is a ceiling or table fan. This is a good way to better circulate air and keep the bugs away. Have a ceiling fan securely installed if you have enough room to accommodate both it and a porch light.

Light Things Up

Gloster 769 voyager 13 5 x 17 led light luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Wouldnt this uniquely designed tabletop light by gloster look great on an outdoor table on your front porch

Finally, if you wish to enjoy your San Diego front porch both day and night and in any type of weather, you will certainly need extra lighting. A table lamp in addition to the outdoor porch light is handy for reading and crafting. Experts recommend at least three sources of light for the best illumination. In addition to the porch light and table lamp, you may want to add a pair of sconces on either side of the front door or add a light kit to a ceiling fan.

Are you ready to jazz up your San Diego front porch and get it ready to fully enjoy summer? Let our professional team help you pick out just the right components to make a statement with your choice of front porch décor.

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