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Do you have a she-shed or man cave in your backyard? These nifty spaces are often treated as an extension of your luxury outdoor living room, bringing some of its elements indoors while sharing space with the outdoors. As such, it should be richly appointed and contain all the furnishings and accessories necessary to be a comfortable retreat.

Add a Touch of Warmth

Infratech heater Hausers Patio

When the outside temps cool down, you are sure to want a heat source within your she-shed or man cave. The easiest solution is to add an electric Infratech heater. This compact heater is safe to operate inside or out. It is 90 percent efficient, so a great source of heat for a small space. You can also augment the heater with a switch that allows you to simply flip it to turn the single or double element heater off and on.


Hausers Patio
The Curve chaise lounge takes up little room while providing lots of comfort

Of course, the most important feature in a comfortable space to call your own is the furniture. We recommend a deeply cushioned sofa and side tables. If you don’t have enough space for a full-sized seating piece, a two-person glider or pair of rockers or recliners nicely fit the bill for comfortable seating. A beautifully designed Curve chaise lounge is another option. A café table and barstools make for a lovely place to enjoy a cup of coffee while looking out the window (which is adorned with a curtain or shade, of course).

Extend the Comfort Outside

Patio Umbrellas Hausers Patio
This market umbrella is the perfect size to shade a small area

Every great man cave or she-shed needs a front porch, so you can easily move between the indoors and out. Equip the porch – which probably has a small footprint – with no more than a couple of Adirondack chairs so it isn’t too crowded. Provide shade with a market umbrella, rather than a permanent porch covering, since you can easily replace the fabric portion and change up the looks as you wish. Include a small table for drinks and space for a cooler to keep your beverages handy and cold.

Include a Soft Touch

Hausers Patio
Dont forget about your pet when buying soft goods for your she shed or man cave

While you may be using your she-shed or man cave as an additional workspace, it should include lots of soft elements for the utmost in comfortable lounging, as well.  Think lots of deeply cushioned recliners or chairs and stacks of durable outdoor pillows. A plush rug keeps your feet warm and clean.

All the Accessories

outdoor artwork Hausers Patio
A triptych such as this really dresses up a bare wall

While you may be concerned mainly with the furnishings in your fun shed, don’t forget that appropriate outdoor accessories are necessary to finish it off. You will need adequate lighting if you are using the space for working on projects. Besides overhead lights, consider adding some artful lamps to occasional tables scattered throughout. Artwork in the style of your choice on the walls helps make it feel homier. Things like a bar cart, stocked with plenty of beverage options, or lazy Susan gives your she-shed or man cave a sophisticated touch.

Isn’t it time you treated yourself and upgraded your she-shed or man cave to a wonderfully furnished and comfortable place to hang out and de-stress?

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