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Tips for Creating an Engaging Outdoor Living Room

No doubt your backyard has received a lot of use over the past couple months. And as you spend more time outside with your family, you may have identified certain deficiencies in the layout and design. Now is the perfect time to take care of those issues. Use our tips for creating an engaging outdoor living room that is ready for entertaining guests as soon as you are comfortable hosting others.

Include a Fire Feature

Outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The american fyre grand cordova fireplace provides plenty of space for gathering around the flames

Every luxury backyard space needs a fire feature. Whether that’s a grand outdoor propane fireplace that anchors the space or a fire urn that lends a subtle hint of flame to a corner of the patio, any type of fire feature will do. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace adds a special something to any nighttime gathering. People are intrinsically attracted to a source of heat and especially the mesmerizing dance of golden flames. Today there are so many options for fire features both large and small, you are sure to find a perfect addition to your luxury backyard in the form of a propane-fueled fire table, fire column, fireplace, firefall, fire pit or fire urn.

Seating Options for Everyone and Everything

Outdoor sofa luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
An outdoor sofa is the integral piece in a comfortable seating area for family and guests.

Seating is arguably the most important feature in any outdoor living room. It is the seating that provides a comfortable place to perch while engaging in any type of activity, such as dining, mingling, warming next to a toasty fire, lounging poolside, enjoying a cocktail or simply soaking up the sun. In order to accommodate all those activities comfortably, you may want to consider arranging an outdoor sofa and loveseat around the fireplace, adding an outdoor dining table and chairs, placing lounge chairs poolside and scattering armchairs throughout. This allows for maximum flexibility, especially if you wish to move pieces around for chatting or entertaining. Add tables, accents and other furnishings that play off the style and color of the largest piece – typically the sofa – just as you would do with interior design.

Shade Features

Jardinico charactere umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The right umbrella provides shade exactly where you need it for ultimate comfort

Just as a fire feature adds warmth and light to your backyard oasis, a shade feature is essential for providing a respite from the sun and protection from the rain. There are plenty of options for a shade feature that will fit perfectly in the space wherever it is needed, such as a traditional market umbrella in the middle of a patio, a table umbrella, a cantilever umbrella affixed to a pool deck or patio, or a series of sail shades that skim across the top “ceiling” of your outdoor space.

Multi-Functional Pieces

Island estate lanai ottoman luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This island estate lanai ottoman can easily serve more than one purpose

An engaging outdoor living room revolves around functionality. In addition to the seating pieces, you may want to add furnishings that do double or even triple duty. We’re talking about ottomans that can function as a seat, a foot rest, a table or even as storage space, due to a lift-up lid. Another multi-functional piece that works well in an outdoor setting is a buffet, which can easily be transformed into a bar when it isn’t being used to store dishes, glasses and other dining accessories. A variety of side tables become plant stands when not functioning as the perfect spot to set a beverage or lamp and, with a low bottom shelf, can also store things like citronella candles, magazines and other handy items.

An engaging outdoor living room is created by adding essential components for comfort, such as a fire feature, shade feature, lots of comfortable seating and multi-functional pieces that make outdoor living convenient and easygoing.

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