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Tips for a Resort-Style Staycation Featuring Brown Jordan Furniture

This summer, there is no need to leave town in order to enjoy a resort-style vacation. You can relax in high style at home with just a few minor adjustments to your luxury outdoor living area. In this article, we provide tips for turning your backyard into a resort-style space that invites you to stay home and take it easy, featuring upscale Brown Jordan furniture.

Enjoy the View

brown jordan sofa

The number one way to transform your backyard into a resort is to take full advantage of the gorgeous view. For many of us in the San Diego area, that means a sweeping expanse of serene blue ocean waves, such as pictured here. Although the Elements Woven sectional sofa is portrayed facing the camera, by turning it around to face the ocean, it provides a comfortable way to enjoy the ocean view in this homeowner’s backyard oasis. The table, as well as the end of the right section, are crafted specifically as the perfect place for a drink, a plate or an electronic device.

Even if your backyard view does not include the big blue, you can still take advantage of its best features by including a seating arrangement of Brown Jordan furniture situated where you can best enjoy the scenery.

Bring the Indoors Out

brown jordan connexion collection

Here’s another cue taken from a high-end resort: create a living room outdoors with Brown Jordan furniture. The idea is to carve out a space where you can be just as comfortable doing all the things you enjoy indoors, out, including watching TV, reading a magazine or scrolling through social media.

The above image shows this concept beautifully. The Connexion sectional sofa, with its loose cushions, invites you to sink into its comfortable depths, sheltered from the hot sun by the shade of the patio cover.  The versatile ottoman provides a great place to steady a tray of drinks and/or food. The Brown Jordan side table easily holds entertainment options, such as books and a Bluetooth speaker. The vase of fresh flowers really makes it apparent that this homeowner embraces the idea of bringing the indoors out.

Create Lovely Walkways

Kantan Brass by Brown Jordan seating arrangements online
Kantan Brass by Brown Jordan

As depicted in the photo above, an arrangement of greenery and flowering plants creates a calm and soothing outdoor retreat. It doesn’t have to be a large area, just enough to feature several different kinds of foliage. A leisurely stroll through beautifully landscaped areas such as this is just the ticket for at-home relaxation.

Once again, Brown Jordan furniture takes this concept to a new level. By adding a single, low-slung chair and ottoman, you are instantly invited to sit down and relax while taking in the beauty of your surroundings. The wide, leather straps of this Kantan Brass by Brown Jordan duo envelop your body in comfort while the perfectly proportioned ottoman invites you to slip off your shoes and let your feet take advantage of a cool ocean breeze.

This year, consider a staycation in your own resort, style backyard oasis, thanks to Brown Jordan furniture and these arrangement tips.

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