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As you may be aware, Hauser’s Patio does more than just sell luxury outdoor furniture; we design it, too. With our long history in the business, we know not only what makes furnishings for your outdoor living space beautiful and durable, but what our discerning San Diego clientele want for their homes. We take that knowledge and experience and use it to bring timeless design and high quality construction to every collection that proudly bears our name, such as the Tekka Collection.

What’s Different About the Tekka Collection?

One of those collections from Hauser Patio we are proud to present is Tekka. Like all the other furnishings we’ve designed with you, our loyal customer, in mind, Tekka is built to last for generations and crafted in a style that is sure to withstand the test of time.

With the Tekka collection, we start with a frame of durable aluminum. That aluminum frame is shaped into a classic, angled style. We add a touch of elegance by topping each chair and loveseat’s arms with a strip of rich teak wood.

Tekka lounge chair Hausers Patio

Why teak? You will find this material used often in the manufacture of luxury outdoor furnishings. Not only is it exceptionally durable and beautiful, teak is an excellent choice for any item that will be used outdoors. This wood comes from the tropics, so it is well-suited to withstand dry rot that can be the result of excess moisture. Of course, here in the San Diego area, that’s a big deal since we have to take into account the salt spray and sea breezes that come in off the ocean.

Using Tekka in Your Outdoor Living Area

Tekka loveseat Hausers Patio

The Tekka Collection is perfect for creating a comfortable, yet stylish, seating area in your backyard, patio or poolside. In addition to the stacking lounge chairs, dining chairs and loveseat, there is also a coffee table available in the Tekka collection. The Tekka table, which is just under 21 inches high, utilizes the textured aluminum used in the chair frames as a durable tabletop material.

Tekka coffee table Hausers Patio

Because the style of Tekka pieces is understated and classic, you could also scatter the chairs throughout your outdoor living room in conjunction with pieces from Hauser’s other exclusive collections. The upholstery options for these pieces include three different “quick ship” colors of hard-wearing Sunbrella fabric, which is specially fabricated to withstand extreme weather. You can easily use the same Sunbrella fabric hue across various collection seating pieces to make your outdoor vignette cohesive yet unique.

There’s Only One Place to Find the Tekka Collection

Our customers aren’t looking for cookie-cutter outdoor living rooms. We know you want beauty, elegance, durability and unique designs that perfectly fit your luxury lifestyle. And that’s what you’ll get with the Tekka Collection, which is available exclusively from Hauser’s Patio.

We invite you to come into our showroom today and design the unique backyard, patio or deck that defines your style, with Tekka seating pieces as the centerpiece.

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