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Start Your Spring Cleaning Outdoors

outdoor water hose

Get your outdoor space ready for spring with our tips on how to clean, protect, and repair your patio furniture. Start with a good wash using our specially formulated cleaner that works on vinyl, acrylic fabrics, aluminum frames, and more. Then use our non-greasy and nontoxic protectant to keep your furniture looking fresh all season long. Finally, make any necessary repairs to ensure the safety and functionality of your outdoor seating. Get started now so you can enjoy a renewed backyard oasis in no time!

Tips for Cleaning Your Backyard Oasis Part 2

outdoor water hose

Get your outdoor living room ready for summer with these valuable tips for cleaning your backyard oasis. From power washing the siding on your house to hosing down wrought iron furniture, this blog post covers all the necessary steps to spruce up your outdoor space. Learn how to clean textured outdoor furnishings and maintain teak wood furniture using gentle cleaning solutions. Don’t miss out on enjoying the outdoors because of maintenance – let us help you preserve what you have!

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Projects for Your Backyard Living Room

Barlow Tyrie outdoor sofa and chairs

Get your backyard living room ready for summer with these outdoor spring cleaning projects. Start by putting away any items that aren’t permanently in place and give them a quick wipe down. Then, brush away the dirt from your furniture and sweep pathways to avoid creating a muddy mess. Finally, grab a hose to remove built-up dirt and debris from patio pavers, window frames, screens, shutters, and more. Once everything is clean, it’s time to assess what new outdoor furniture and accessories you could add to complete your oasis.

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