With climate change wreaking havoc across the world, many of us are looking for ways to protect the environment. One way you can do this when shopping for home items is to make sustainable outdoor furniture choices. This article offers help as you navigate through the many options for luxury outdoor furnishings.

What is Sustainable Outdoor Furniture?

Often referred to as “eco-friendly”, sustainable outdoor furniture choices are produced without using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and responsibly sourcing materials, such as wood. It also focuses on the shortest supply chain, such as selecting products that are sustainably produced nearby and thus eliminating the need to ship them across country – or across the globe.

Non-Toxic Manufacturing

When it comes to shopping for sustainable outdoor furniture choices, look for companies that use eco-friendly materials. This prevents the occurrence of off-gassing, which refers to the release of harmful chemical particulates into the air. This is particularly important when choosing outdoor tables, as you do not want you and your guests to ingest the chemicals being output from your new dining set.

Hausers Patio

A great choice for a wood outdoor table would be one made by Jensen Outdoor, such as the set pictured above. The majority of their pieces are made from sustainably harvested Ipe wood processed without harmful chemicals. This natural material is quite durable and sure to last for decades. And Jensen Outdoor products are manufactured in their facility right here in the United States.

Select Classic Designs

adirondack chair Hausers Patio

Another way to make sustainable outdoor furniture choices is by selecting classic styles that do not need to be replaced every year to look up-to-the-date, such as the Adirondack chairs pictured above. By choosing outdoor furnishings that are sure to look good for years to come, you are doing your part to prevent more items going into our overstuffed landfills. Opt for simple lines and sturdy materials. You can always reupholster the cushions should your timelessly designed furniture need an update.

Quality Counts

Hausers Patio
This could be your gorgeous backyard oasis with online shopping O.W. Lee outdoor seating.

Along with choosing classic styles, be sure to purchase the best quality outdoor furniture you can afford as it will last for many decades and could even be passed down through generations of family. O.W. Lee is one manufacturer known for handcrafting outdoor furnishings of the highest quality right here in the U.S. and using sustainable materials while conserving energy – a win, win for all.

Protect Your Investment

Patio Furniture Protectant Hausers Patio

And to ensure your investment in sustainable outdoor choices remains looking and performing well, it is always a good idea to invest in an outdoor furniture protectant. Hauser’s Patio offers two great options: a mild cleaner and a proprietary protectant made specifically for powder coated finishes, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass and HDPE/woven materials.

outdoor furniture covers Hausers Patio

You may also want to invest in durable, quality covers to further protect your sustainable outdoor furniture choices from the damaging rays of the sun, dirty smog, mold and dust.

It is more important than ever to keep our environment as safe and protected as we can. By making sustainable outdoor furniture choices, you will be doing your part in at least one way to save our planet.