It may seem hard to believe but summer is officially only days away. Are you ready to take full advantage of the season with plenty of parties and activities planned? To get your backyard oasis ready for the most anticipated season of the year, consider these popular summer 2022 outdoor furniture trends and see which might work well in your space.

Curved Edges

Hausers Patio

Outdoor furniture is becoming softer – at least around the edges. Rather than the sharp corners and linear styles of the past, summer 2022 outdoor furniture trends include a focus on curves, rounded corners and sculptural form. This Zona deep seating lounge chair detail shows off this trend. It also plays up the popularity of a rattan chair. This piece from Kingsley Bate is part of a collection that features a sofa and ottoman in addition to these comfortable rattan chairs.

Rattan is In

Hausers Patio

As mentioned above, outdoor rattan furniture is always popular and particularly so for the summer of 2022. We are seeing it everywhere – from a rattan chair to rattan bar stool to rattan tables. Pictured above is the Westport deep seating set, which shows off the beautiful form of this outdoor rattan furniture. Although it does not use natural materials, the polywood lumber that this set is crafted from mimics rattan’s texture while being easier to maintain and very durable – definite advantages over the traditional rattan pieces of the past. For a better idea of how rattan differs from wicker, read our article here.

Bringing the Indoors Out

Wainscott Rectangular Dining Table Hausers Patio

Many of this year’s summer 2022 outdoor furniture trends take a cue from indoor furniture style. High end pieces that could easily be pictured inside your home’s dining room or living room are very in (and out!). Take this Wainscott rectangular dining table and chair set. It would be just as easy to imagine this set hosting a party indoors as out. But this dining table from Kingsley Bate is crafted from hardy teak wood designed to withstand the weather with only occasional upkeep.

Mixing Materials

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Another hot trend this summer is outdoor furnishings made by mixing different materials. This novel concept is shown nicely in the picture above. Again, we see the Wainscott rectangular dining room table but it is paired here with rattan chairs that feature cushioned seats. The combination of elements is unexpected but so very attractive. Look for collections that include aluminum and rattan bar stools, tables with stone tops and wood details, or soft cushioned seating and hardwoods.

Flex Furnishings

Hausers Patio
Hausers Patio

Our last of the summer 2022 outdoor furniture trends involves pieces that can fit together in different ways, allowing you the greatest flexibility in design. Once again, Kingsley Bate provides our featured collection for the way this Tivoli Sectional perfectly embraces the concept of flex furnishings. The sectional sofa can be ordered to your specifications. The curved ottoman shown here can be configured a couple different ways, as pictured in the two images above.

It may be time for you to replace a few key pieces in your outdoor living space in order to capitalize on these summer 2022 outdoor furniture trends.