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January is not only special because it is the start of a new year but also because it heralds the beginning of a new decade. And with fresh resolve to move confidently into the future, it just stands to reason that your luxury outdoor living room should be transformed along with the rest of your plans. Here are our suggestions for renewing and refreshing your backyard oasis with a fresh outdoor look in 2020 and beyond.

Add a Pop of New Color

Pantone Color Institute has released their color of the year for 2020 as they have done since December 1999. This year the much-anticipate announcement revealed the color “Classic Blue” as their latest pick. Blue is always a soothing color which is a perfect fit to bring a sense of calm to our hectic, technology-filled world. Classic Blue is a deep and rich shade that can easily function as a contemporary neutral.

the Gardenella Sling collection Hausers Patio

Introduce Classic Blue into your backyard either through accessories that add a pop of color, such as pillows or tablecloths, or a complete revamp of your patio furniture, including cushion and sling replacement. Go ahead and mix and match patterns using Classic Blue, as well, which is a way to make your backyard look very contemporary. Either way, this timeless hue will be a welcome addition to any outdoor living room, no matter the style and is sure to give it a fresh outdoor look.

Add Furnishings and Accessories That Make It More Livable

Take a moment and think about all the ways you enjoy using your outdoor living room. Do the existing furnishings and accessories allow you to do everything you wish to do, no matter the time of day or night or season? If not, make 2020 the year that you finally upgrade the furnishings to reflect your entertainment style and provide a fresh outdoor look.

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One of the items you may want to incorporate this year is a new fire feature. Think outside the box and consider something other than an ordinary fire pit. With so many options for propane fire features, you can fit a festive and warm fire pit, fire urn, fire bowl or fire column nearly anywhere. Or, consider adding a fire table with or without a grill for cooking tableside. A fire table is a great way to take your entertaining to the next level.

outdoor toss pillow Hausers Patio
An outdoor toss pillow like this one which features stripes of Classic Blue can make all the difference in your comfort

Small accessories can make a big difference. Occasional tables placed next to lounge chairs provide a perfect spot for your favorite book, beverage and perhaps an outdoor lamp or candle. If you wish to add a new lounge chair, add a matching ottoman so you have a place to prop your feet at the end of a long day. A small outdoor refrigerator placed nearby can keep all your adult beverages cold and handy. A row of planters with showy shrubs not only provides a pop of natural color, it can be used as a screen between you and neighbors.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to make 2020 the year that you finally give the luxury backyard oasis you have always to create a fresh outdoor look. For more ideas, browse through the rest of our blog posts and online inventory or simply give us a call – we’d be happy to help you plan your outdoor living room for maximum beauty and usefulness.

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