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Small Front Porch Style Tips

Does your San Diego area home have a front porch? No matter how small it may be, there is no reason you cannot style it big. Your front porch is the first impression visitors receive of your home and it should reflect your personality and echo the design of your house and backyard. Especially as we transition into the fall season, there is no time like the present to use these small front porch style tips and ensure this area looks just as appealing as everything else about your home.

Maximize the Space

When you have a spare amount of front porch to deal with, it is important to make every square foot count. This is especially true when you wish to use this area to extend the livable and functional outdoor space of your home.

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One of the best ways to maximize space is by scaling down the dimensions of outdoor furniture. The front porch is not the right space for large items like outdoor sofas or cuddlers made for two. It is, however, the perfect place for a small bistro set or pair of elegantly designed, armless chairs with a small accent table between. These petite furnishings cut down on bulk and echo the streamlined dimensions of the space.

Symmetrical Style

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To make your small front porch appear more spacious, use the principle of symmetry. Usually, the center point of your furniture arrangements should be the front door, particularly if it has a welcoming window in it. Flank the porch’s centerpiece with a pair of simple chairs with matching throw pillows or statuesque plants in beautifully designed pots. This type of visual balance keeps the space from looking too busy.

Accessorize with Restraint

Tommy bahama wicker storage ottoman hausers patio
This storage ottoman from Tommy Bahamas Outdoor is a great place to prop your feet and also store blankets and pillows.

In order for a small front porch to be livable, it needs the proper accessories. An ottoman is the perfect place to prop up your feet at the end of a long day. Proper lighting helps you enjoy a good book even after the sun goes down. An outdoor rug is a welcome addition for bare feet. A small basket tucked into a corner and filled with magazines, flowers or blankets makes it even cozier.

Do be careful about overdoing it. Clutter makes the small front porch look too busy. Too many pieces of outdoor furniture can easily overcrowd the space. Remember to stay within the constraints of the square footage and add just enough accessories to make the porch purposeful, an intimate place to sit and enjoy the sights from the front of your home with only the comfort essentials.

Zone Out

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If your small front porch is long and narrow, you can easily make it more functional by creating zones. Create a seating arrangement in a corner, add a bistro set for dining and perhaps a small refrigerator for storing cold drinks. A bench such as shown in the photo above makes a great place to stop and take off shoes before entering the house. Outdoor throw rugs and vertical elements such as tall plants or a trellis help delineate zones meant for different purposes.

There is no reason why your small front porch cannot be styled just as beautifully as a backyard oasis. Opt for petite furnishings, keep things simple and use the principles of symmetry and scale to make a stunning style statement.

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