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Recently we offered an article regarding size considerations when furnishing a small outdoor living room. In this article, we go beyond space limitations and offer advice regarding space considerations for a larger backyard patio. For this size matters post, we delve into figuring out the proper dimensions for an outdoor dining area, courtyard, fire pit and living area.

Dining Dos

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When planning an outdoor dining room, it is important to choose a dining table in a size and shape that works with the space you have on hand. For a long rectangular table with 8 chairs, allow enough space for diners to easily get in and out of their seats. This comes out to about 12’ wide, for a table that is 6’ in width. Be sure that the length of the table is appropriate, as well, and don’t forget to add three extra feet on each end to accommodate chairs there.

Courtyard Cues

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A courtyard in your outdoor space is a great way to enjoy the area without having to worry about privacy concerns. Due to its four walls (which needn’t be actual walls) a courtyard is more intimate and clearly defined as an outdoor living room. When size matters, we recommend that a courtyard measure at least 12’ square, although that is on the small side. The larger, the better as you will be able to add features that enhance its purpose and allure.

Most homeowners decorate the space by anchoring one large feature, such as an outdoor gas fireplace, on a single wall and placing comfortable furnishings throughout while adding lots of lush landscaping. For more ideas on decorating your courtyard, please refer to this article Tips for Designing a Courtyard with Style.

Following Firepits

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If you can create a circular space in your backyard oasis of at least 12’ in diameter, you have the perfect spot for a gas firepit of usual size. Everyone loves gathering around the warmth of dancing flames on a chilly night and this allows you to keep the maximum number of guests warm around the fire feature.

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If you prefer a rectangular fire pit, allow 12’ of width so that guests can move their chairs closer to the flame or farther away, as needed.

Not into firepits? Consider adding a water fountain to a circular area of your backyard. This creates a cool and soothing space enhanced by the sound of trickling water.

Luxury Living

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Is it your wish to develop an outdoor space that can be used as a living room, complete with TV, bar and sound system? This is an instance when size matters the most. The larger the area you can devote to an outdoor living room, the better. We recommend a 16’ square foot space at minimum so you have enough room for a large sofa and coffee table plus a couple of recliners. Mount the television set to a wall with minimal exposure. To save more space, you can also add infrared heaters along the eaves interspersed with speakers for your audio system.

When it comes to furnishing your luxury backyard retreat, size matters. But even if you do not have a spacious outdoor area, you can still fill it with everything necessary for ultimate comfort, as we wrote in last month’s article about furnishing a small outdoor living room.

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