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Are you a business owner with a need to furnish an outdoor eating or entertaining area? In the first installment of this two-part series on shopping for commercial outdoor furniture, we reviewed the various styles available, and how that goes along with color and size and how to pick the most comfortable options for your guests. In this follow-up to that first article, we focus on maintenance, storage space, safety, and materials for outdoor furniture San Diego commercial customers need for their retail or hospitality establishments.

It Looks Good But What Does it Take to Maintain It?

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When you purchase commercial outdoor furniture, you should have an adequate budget to ensure you can afford the best quality pieces available for your business. That alone is a point worth mentioning since the highest quality commercial outdoor furniture will require less care and maintenance while lasting longer, thus providing greater value. Remember that pieces from commercial collections are built to last, with attention to making them sturdier and more durable than residential furnishings.

Patio Furniture Repair Hausers Patio
If your outdoor chairs look like this, Hauser’s Patio can replace the sling fabric and refurbish the frames to get them looking brand new again.

Maintenance costs are something that every business owner must consider when using these shopping tips for commercial outdoor furniture. You don’t necessarily need an entire staff to keep the furnishings clean and in good repair throughout the year, but do be prepared to perform annual maintenance and reupholster and refurbish them as necessary. Look for the best warranty you can find and take care to keep the pieces out of direct sunlight and the adverse weather conditions of which outdoor furniture San Diego encounter.

How to Store Your Investment

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No place to store your outdoor furnishings? An enclosure like this may help.

Before using these shopping tips for commercial outdoor furniture, consider where you will store the pieces when not in use or the weather prevents your customers from relaxing outside. As mentioned in the first article in this series, size matters – if you choose big, bulky outdoor furniture San Diego business owners need to have a big place to store it.

Safety First

Another consideration when shopping for commercial outdoor furniture is your clients’ safety. Metal pieces that get hot under the sun, wood pieces that require regular sanding to prevent splinters, cushions that get wet and moldy – all of these are factors to keep in mind. The more durable and better made the furnishings, the safer your customers will be.

What Is It Made From?

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These commercial grade outdoor umbrellas are made with a durable aluminum frame.

Going right along with these shopping tips for commercial outdoor furniture is the choice of outdoor furniture material. For aluminum outdoor furniture San Diego is the ideal location as it holds up extremely well to sun, sea spray, airborne pollutants and other conditions. Wood is a classic choice and always looks great, but it requires additional upkeep and will degrade sooner than aluminum and commercial patio furniture made from polyethylene-based materials, such as all weather wicker.

We know what a daunting task it can be to furnish the outdoor space of your business. Along with these shopping tips for commercial outdoor furniture, we invite you to visit one of our expansive showrooms or simply give us a call so one of our sales professionals can help walk you through the options.

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