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There are several different types of gas fireplaces from which to select. In this article, we will focus on a vented gas fireplace and the various ways you can customize them and create the perfect source of heat and ambience for your home.

Advantages of a Vented Gas Fireplace

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The major decision for most consumers shopping for gas fireplaces is the venting option. With a vented gas fireplace, the flames are more natural and realistic, which is an important consideration for some homeowners. The heat output is also similar to a wood burning fireplace in that some of it goes up the chimney and there is a minimal amount of soot produced on the logs. A vented gas fireplace must be installed in the hearth of an existing and functional wood burning fireplace.

When installing a gas fireplace, you can decide whether to use natural gas or propane. If you are not in an area of San Diego where natural gas is not available, then propane is the fuel of choice. Both types of lines and fittings are available, so just tell us which you prefer.

Choose Your Logs

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With a vented gas fireplace, you get to choose from a large array of realistic looking logs. They are available in all different species, charred or not, and various sizes.

To be sure your choice of logs fits, you need to take measurements. You will need to know the front width, back width, depth, and height (both front and back) of your fireplace hearth.

Lighting Options

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Here is another way that you can customize your vented gas fireplace: how you light it. If you opt for a natural gas fireplace, you can choose to light the burner beneath the logs with a match and adjust the flame height using a key valve.  A further option is to install a vented gas fireplace system with a pilot light which constantly stays lit, although you can manually turn it off during the summer months. Finally, it’s easy to make lighting your gas fireplace uber convenient by adding a remote control system. With a remote control, you can turn the vented gas fireplace on and off and control flame height from nearly anywhere in the room.

Suit Your Style

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Don’t settle for a boring fireplace. There are plenty of surround styles to choose from, whether you enjoy contemporary or more traditional décor. Jazz things up with decorative hearth accessories such as branches, acorns, wood chunks and pine cones.  Or, instead of logs, opt to “burn” fire glass or gems. It’s easy to make a vented gas fireplace looks like it belongs in your home with all the different style options.

If you have any other questions about vented gas fireplaces in your home, please give us a call. We are happy to help you find the perfect one.

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