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For classic New England style updated with cutting edge manufacturing techniques, look no further than Seaside Casual. This esteemed luxury outdoor furniture company has been producing iconic designs made to last outdoors, year round, for over a century. Seaside Casual makes luxury outdoor furniture from recycled material that is a perfect fit for our casual, yet sophisticated Southern California lifestyle.

About Seaside Casual and Recycled Wood

This outdoor furnishings manufacturer originally began as a lumber company owned and run by the Arnold family. The first expansion of the business was to open a retail store. The current owner expanded operations once again to include sturdy, well-made Adirondack chairs crafted from mahogany. Today, this is what the company is most known for.

Seaside Casual makes luxury outdoor furniture Hausers Patio

Now Seaside Casual makes luxury outdoor furniture from HDPE lumber in all shapes and sizes. This is a material superior to natural wood in terms of being weather resistant and producing a minimal effect on the environment, since it is made from recycled products. The color is infused throughout the material to ensure that it remains bright for many years in the weather. This material is referred to as EnviroWood® – and you can feel comfortable knowing that it is both durable and environmentally friendly.

The Coastal Towns Collections: Portsmouth, Nantucket and Cambridge

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Look how many people you can seat at this Portsmouth square table with bench seats

When you think of a typical, quaint little seaside town in New England, what comes to mind? Chances are your vision includes wide front porches, whitewashed decks and comfortable, yet sturdy, outdoor furniture set to face the gorgeous seascape beyond. These simple, classic lines and timeless designs are exactly what you will find when choosing outdoor furnishings from the Portsmouth, Nantucket or Cambridge collections by Seaside Casual.

Seaside Casual seating Hausers Patio

The linear shapes are meant to enhance the scenery around your home, not compete with it. For instance, look at this Nantucket Lounge Chair and love seat seating arrangement. The deep cushions provide ultimate comfort in a traditional shape that is meant to be sat it, relaxed upon and used daily.

Seaside Casual makes luxury outdoor furniture contemporary with DEX and MAD

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Seaside Casual makes luxury outdoor furniture that is also contemporary in design. If your luxury outdoor living space’s décor is more modern than traditional, these two collections are made for you. Featuring sleek and supple designs married to shapes reminiscent of the iconic mid-century modern style, luxury furniture from either the DEX or MAD collection will look right at home in your San Diego backyard.

Seaside Casual DEX Hausers Patio

Just look how the seating pieces from the DEX collection are reminiscent of a luxury seaside resort. What a great vibe for your patio or deck.

Classic Adirondack

Seaside Casual Adirondack bar seat Hausers Patio

When it comes to outdoor furnishings, it doesn’t get more iconic than the classic Adirondack style. Seaside Casual does it right, by taking the traditional lines and updating these pieces with the recycled EnviroWood® material so good for the environment. With color infused into the material, these chairs, love seats, rockers, swings, tables and more are made to last for the long haul. Why mess with perfection? There is a reason the Adirondack style is so popular from East Coast to West.

Seaside Casual environwood Hausers Patio
Seaside Casuals Environwood is made to last even when exposed to snow

Seaside Casual makes luxury outdoor furniture designed to be good-looking, durable, comfortable and environmentally friendly thanks to their use of recycled material. You’ll feel good selecting from any of their gorgeous collections to furnish your luxury outdoor living space – and you will enjoy your gorgeous ocean view even more.

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