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Renew Your Outdoor Furnishings with New Shade and Sling Upholstery

It’s spring and that means it is time to head back outdoors and fully enjoy your luxury backyard oasis. But are your outdoor furnishings up to the task of entertaining and relaxing in style? If you love your outdoor furniture but the pieces need to be refreshed and renewed, consider having Hauser’s Patio reupholster them with brand new, durable fabric. Here we highlight two popular services: sling replacement and umbrella shade replacement.

Sling Replacement

The gardenella sling collection luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Sling chairs are an ever-popular choice for seating in many San Diego luxury outdoor living rooms and there is good reason: these chairs are comfortable, classic and stylish. But when the sling material begins to wear out, tear and fade, those pieces aren’t so lovely to look at anymore. Luckily, Hauser’s Patio has got you covered. Our team of professionals can easily recreate sling upholstery that exactly matches the size and shape of your existing pieces and even replace it on the frame, if you like.

Patio furniture replacement slings luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Start by taking measurements (use our handy guide to help you through the process) and sending those dimensions to our team. Then, select the material, either Sunbrella or Phifertex, and decide on the color and or pattern you prefer. We go to work creating new sling upholstery that perfectly fits the frame of your chairs. If you live in San Diego County we can even visit your home and install the new upholstery on your sling chairs for you. If not, we’ll gladly ship the new slings to you for easy DIY installation. In a matter of a few short days or weeks, you will have seating pieces that look brand new, covered in durable, gorgeous new upholstery fabric via quick and easy sling replacement.

Umbrella Shade Replacement

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

In order to fully service your outdoor reupholstery needs, Hauser’s Patio can also replace the shade material on your outdoor umbrellas. We use a similar process to replacing sling materials for your seating pieces. You measure the umbrella’s shade dimensions – or, if your umbrella is a brand and model we carry in store, we already have the dimensions on file. Then, select the type of material you want for your outdoor umbrella in the hue and pattern you desire. This is the perfect opportunity to update the style of your backyard oasis with a gorgeous new shade that enhances the space. Add wind vents or a valance to spice up the design.

Reupholster and Renew with shade and sling upholstery

Tropitone shoreline sling luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

If the style of your outdoor seating and shade furnishings still looks great in your backyard oasis but needs a bit of TLC, this is the perfect opportunity to make these pieces look better than new. With simple instructions for measurements and a review of all the colors and styles of upholstery fabric available, you can easily transform your outdoor living room into an eye-catching space just perfect for entertaining this summer. We can even refinish the frames, too, to totally transform those old outdoor furnishings into something beautiful again. Questions? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get you started on the road to beautifully refurbished outdoor furnishings via shade and sling upholstery.

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