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Warmth, ambience and the soothing flicker of realistic logs– where could you use those in your home? One of the best qualities of an indoor gas fireplace is its ability to fit nearly anywhere, and provide a clean source of heat. Let’s explore the ways we can make your home cozy by switching over to a gas fireplace.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

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As the nights get shorter and the fall season progresses, our San Diego area mornings and nights start to feel downright chilly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply point a remote control and enjoy instant warmth from realistic logs before slipping out of bed or at the end of a long evening? It’s possible, if you change your existing fireplace into a gas fireplace. This is a perfect addition to any of the large rooms of your home (such as master bedroom, living room, den, kitchen, etc.). Gas fireplaces are very simple to start, quick to warm up and look amazingly real, if you opt for logs in the hearth.

Speaking of Logs…

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Here’s another reason why you could choose to upgrade an existing fireplace to a gas fireplace: you have a choice of the type of materials to put in the hearth.

Of course, realistic logs of varying shapes, sizes and varietals of wood are always popular. There is a wide array to choose from, depending on the type of gas fireplace surround you choose and the look you wish to achieve.

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But there are plenty more options if you want a unique style for your home. Fire glass, which is available in a myriad of colors and sparkle options, is quickly becoming a popular choice here in southern California. But in addition to those beautiful gems of glass, you can also opt for burning spheres and shapes. Take your decor to another level by adding accessories, such as heat proof acorns, pine cones or other natural-looking elements.

Other Options to Customize Your Gas Fireplace

If you are upgrading your fireplace to gas or installing a gas fireplace from scratch, there are plenty of ways you can customize the look. First decide where you want to put it, whether that’s higher on the wall or a more traditional placement. When it comes to the style and material of surrounds and mantels, the sky is the limit. Match that to the hearth, the doors and the type of material (realistic logs, glass gems, etc.).  There are so many easy ways to customize your gas fireplace.

Where Could You Put an Indoor Gas Fireplace with Realistic Logs?

We hope this article has got you thinking about all the places in your home where a gas fireplace can chase off chilly temperatures and instantly transform a room into a stylish, cozy space. Remember that not only can we recommend the right gas fireplace for your needs, we install it, too. There has never been a better time than the present to ensure your home is equipped for the cooler temperatures right around the corner.

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