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Have you ever thought about your pool deck or patio being an actual “outdoor living room?” If not, you should. After all, it’s just an extension of your home’s space, albeit al fresco. With that concept in mind, let’s take a look at a few ways you can turn your outdoor space into a room you’ll go to again and again to enjoy the view, entertainment, guests, dining and more.

Add Shade

Perhaps the most important consideration in designing your luxury outdoor living room is providing areas that are protected, shaded and out in the open. You’ll need all three to truly be able to use your outdoor room year-round, no matter the weather.

treasure garden umbrellas Hausers Patio

Most people opt for a covered portion of a deck or patio and uncovered space alongside the pool or in the middle of the yard. But you also need movable shade and that comes in the form of a market umbrella or cantilever umbrella. You can either place permanent bases around your outdoor area or opt for portable bases which allow you to block the sun from anywhere, at any angle. The more, the better.

Add Lighting

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One of the most overlooked parts of planning a luxury outdoor living room is the lighting. Often you don’t realize its importance until you need it. Don’t forget to add lights to the underside of eaves, lamps on tables and perhaps even a chandelier to add a touch of class to your patio or Arizona room.  Along with an outdoor television set, this makes the space truly feel like a living room.

treasure garden umbrella light kit Hausers Patio

Another handy place for lighting? On umbrellas. A market umbrella, such as the one shown here, isn’t just for daylight hours; you can easily use it after dark for a cozy lounging area. Adding an LED light to the pole is the perfect way to make this umbrella indispensable any time of day or night.

Cool Things Down – or Heat It Up

The ideal temperature makes your luxury outdoor living room user-friendly. Whether you want it cooled down or heated up, there are plenty of options.

Today, there are lots of choices when it comes to a misting system in your backyard.  You can have something permanent installed under the eaves of your patio roof, or you can use portable misters. Another option? Add misters to the outer edges of your cantilever umbrella. That provides both cooling mist and shade for ultimate comfort.

seating with fire pit Hausers Patio

Fans are another way to keep the temperature comfy. Ceiling fans are always popular here in Southern California. You could also add a battery-operated fan to a market umbrella.

Of course, when the weather turns cold, you will want to have an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or gas heaters to keep you warm. It’s nice to gather around a toasty fire, but it’s more convenient to be able to move the source of heat to wherever you feel like congregating. Why not incorporate both in your backyard? You can even add a beautiful rug to keep your feet warm.

Plan and Shop

At Hauser’s Patio, we’d be happy to help you plan your luxury outdoor living room. We’ve got everything you need to ensure you enjoy your beautiful San Diego backyard all year long.

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