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Now that we are all spending more time outdoors and more time at home, we tend to notice flaws in our outdoor furniture more than usual. And one of the most obvious places is the patio chair cushions on our outdoor seating pieces. But rather than toss your chairs and recliners, you have a couple more options: finding out how to clean patio cushions or deciding to replace your outdoor furniture cushions. Which one is the better option for you?

How to Clean Patio Cushions

If the fabric of your patio chair cushions is still in good shape, without any rips or tears or fading, then it just makes sense to try to clean them first. It is not a difficult process.

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First, determine if you can remove the casings and if possible, wash them in your washing machine on the gentle cycle or take them to the dry cleaner. You will want to vacuum the cushions themselves using an upholstery attachment before stuffing them back into the casings. This is a good step if you cannot remove the cases, as well as vacuuming the upholstered cushions will remove loose dirt.

The next step in how to clean patio cushions is to soak them in a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water. If the patio cushions are showing signs of mildew, add a bit of borax to the solution and let them soak a bit longer, up to half an hour. After soaking, rinse the cushions thoroughly with a garden hose. Finally, let the patio cushions air dry in the sun. You may want to finish off the process of cleaning patio chair cushions by spraying with a fabric protector when thoroughly dry.

Replace Patio Chair Cushions

After you’ve completely inspected your patio furniture cushions, you may decide it’s time to replace them due to the presence of mold, torn or frayed fabric or faded colors. This is even easier than learning how to clean outdoor patio cushions, since you can leave the heavy lifting up to the upholstery professionals at Hauser’s Patio.

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When you wish to replace patio chair cushions, start by measuring the height, width and depth so you can send us the measurements. Alternatively, you can simply bring one of your old patio cushions to our store and we’ll duplicate it using the old upholstery as a pattern. Hauser’s Patio can replace the patio furniture cushions on just about any outdoor seating piece, such as a glider, rocker, sofa, chaise lounge, dining chair or armchair.

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Select upholstery fabric from hundreds of beautiful colors and patterns

The fun part is selecting the fabric for your replacement patio chair cushions. We have literally hundreds of options available in your choice of type of fabric and color or pattern. Vibrant new upholstery for your deep seat patio cushions will make a truly noticeable difference in the entire look of your luxury outdoor living area.

If you are thinking about the option of replacing your patio chair cushions or deciding how to clean patio furniture cushions, hopefully this short guide will help make the right decision. Either way, you are sure to enjoy your backyard oasis more than ever.

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