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Pacific Beach Patio Furniture Thefts – How Hauser’s Patio Helps

You are not the only who appreciates high quality patio furniture in your backyard oasis – so do thieves.

Thieves Hit Pacific Beach Homes

You may not be aware of this story that was covered locally on CBS 8 in March of this year. It details a brazen thief who was caught on surveillance camera calmly walking away with pieces of upscale patio furniture throughout the Pacific Beach community. He was not only brazen, he was prolific – leaving behind bare backyards throughout the area until he was apprehended March 26th. This is an interesting news story to watch, since it is such a chronic problem here in Southern California.

Watch the CBS 8 video here.

The Happy Ending to This Story

Luckily, Jeremy and Elsa Hodges viewed the same story on television. And luckily, they are the generous and kind owners of Hauser’s Patio. Jeremy and Elsa stepped in and stepped up to help out the family whose outdoor furniture was stolen. Although there are plenty of people in the world who feel no remorse for taking property owned by others, there are also those like the Hodges who feel compelled to help in any way possible.

Their solution? To replace the burgled family’s patio furnishings. This is a must-see video that will warm your heart.

Watch the follow up story from CBS 8 on video here.

Patio Furniture Theft is a Rampant Problem

Unfortunately, the theft of luxury outdoor furnishings is rampant, particularly here along the Pacific Coast. Thieves know that homeowners here are proud of their luxury outdoor living rooms. They take advantage of the fact that patios are often open to the beach and thus easy to access. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before a thief finds his way to your house.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Let hausers patio keep your view unspoiled and your luxury patio furniture intact

Should you have to compromise between enjoying the soothing ocean view which first drew you to your home by walling it off? Fortunately, there are less drastic ways to secure your possessions. We invite you to visit Hauser’s Patio so we can review several options with you. We can recommend products and services that help secure your investment in luxury patio furniture from thieves. Let us help you get back peace of mind so you can truly enjoy your home with its gorgeous ocean views on the upscale patio furniture you have personally selected.

Be Informed, Be Prepared

At Hauser’s Patio, we want you to be aware of the prevalent problem of patio furniture theft along our Southern California coast. And we also want to provide you with the tools necessary to secure your belongings. Please don’t delay. Visit us today so together we can find a solution to this disturbing problem.

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