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“Summertime and the livin’ is easy…” so go the lyrics of a famous Gershwin tune. If you want to make living in your backyard oasis easy and comfortable, you need to create outdoor seating design that inspires you to move from the indoors to the out, to get up off the couch and find a cozy perch in the backyard. Use these tips to do just that – whether it’s just you, your family or a large gathering of friends.

Take a Cue from Your Favorite Luxury Resort

It’s hard to find anyone who does outdoor style and comfort better than your favorite luxury resort getaway. You can easily take a cue from their design book in your own backyard oasis. For instance, their seating areas are arranged to take advantage of a great view and include little niceties such as side tables, ottoman, subtle lighting, artwork and outdoor rugs.

Connexion modular outdoor sofa Hausers Patio

Take a look at this Connexion modular sofa arrangement. It is ideally situated close to the pool with a backdrop of gorgeous greenery. A low table in the middle of the seating pieces provides a convenient place to set drinks, reading material, plates of food, candles and more. River rocks evoke the feeling of strolling outside near a bubbling stream. You are sure to experience ultimate relaxation in a setting like this that mimics your favorite luxury resort.

Take Another Cue from Indoor Living Areas

What do you have inside your home that makes you feel comfortable and cozy? Take those same elements outside to ensure you achieve the same feel that makes your home inviting. We’re talking about things like decorative touches on the walls, plush rugs under your feet, a television set mounted at perfect viewing height and a source of heat and cooling.

outdoor seating group around infratech heater Hausers Patio

Look at this outdoor living room that perfectly spans the space between indoors and out. Plushy upholstered gliding rockers face a TV set and an outdoor fireplace that provides a cozy source of warmth and a crackling blaze, in addition to the ceiling heating fixtures and fan. A coffee table is a convenient place for food and drink. Decorative touches, such as the urns tucked into niches surrounding the TV, provide just the right decorative touch that can easily withstand heat and sun.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

One key element in outdoor seating design is creating various spaces for various needs. For instance, if you want an intimate nook for you and your partner to enjoy your morning coffee, a small bistro set just outside your kitchen works perfectly. But if you also wish to entertain large groups, you will need a dining area with a large table and a lot of plush chairs, perhaps next to an outdoor kitchen.

Treasure Garden market umbrella Hausers Patio
This Treasure Garden market umbrella is a classic that works well in nearly any backyard

In this photo, you can see the homeowners have created a two-seat setting for a couple to enjoy a morning or evening beverage between themselves. Next door, on an adjacent pad, an outdoor sofa and bench shaded by a gorgeous Treasure Garden umbrella, provides ample space for entertaining family or friends. Your luxury backyard oasis should definitely include both sizes of outdoor seating areas for maximum utility.

For outdoor seating design that inspires you to live outside, be sure that you include areas that mimic your favorite resort style as well as your own indoor space and accommodate groups both large and small.

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