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Outdoor Living Trends 2021 Part II

In continuation of our article series on the best outdoor living trends 2021, these ideas will help you whip your front porch, patio, deck or backyard oasis into shape. Get ready for lots of fun summer entertaining and living with this recap of the best trends we have identified for this year’s casual and more open outdoor home atmosphere.

Get Social

After more than a full year on lockdown, many of us are itching to return to “normal,” in whatever way we define that concept. With a renewed focus on in-person social interactions, your outdoor space should reflect a design that allows you to once again get out, have fun and entertain our friends, family and neighbors. Of course, the front yard is the perfect place to do this and outdoor living trends 2021 reflect this.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Harkening back to the old days, many of our clients are wishing to take a comfy seat on the front porch and invite others to join us in a simple and less formal space for conversation. Make sure you have plenty of seating, such as these perennially favorite outdoor rocking chairs or a bench with comfy cushions. Then make a big pitcher of cold lemonade and enjoy getting social again.

Add Technology

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a desire to use technology to use our outdoor space much as we would our online-connected indoor living areas. Beyond adding an outdoor sound system, consider ensuring that your Wi-Fi connection extends to your outdoor office space via a booster to amplify the signal. A screen and TV with app for showing movies from the lawn is the perfect way to enjoy a sultry summer night with the kids. LED color-changing lights around – and in – the pool area and beyond are another special effect of technology sure to add visual appeal. Outdoor living trends 2021 revolve around the technology available to make our lives easier and more connected.

Extend the Outdoor Season

In order to make the most of your summer outdoors, consider installing misters and ceiling fans to keep you and your guests cool during the hottest days and nights outdoors. You may want to add shade features, too, such as a classic market umbrella or a very contemporary shade structure in a unique shape.

American fyre designs fire bowl luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Although now, as we head into summer, might not be the time of year for you to consider accommodations for colder temps, do give thought to adding a fire feature or infrared lamps as these products will be in high demand and short supply later in the year.

In order to use our outdoor space all year long, comfort in any temperature is key.

Create an Experience

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

New for outdoor living trends 2021 is a focus on creating an experience-based space. It goes beyond simply arranging patio furniture to facilitate entertaining and focuses more on designing an outdoor living room that provides everything necessary for ultimate comfort and ease of access. Think of things like an outdoor – or swim-up – bar, a place to practice your golf swing, outdoor exercise space, and perhaps even an art studio or crafting area. Today’s Southern California homeowners want to be able to use their backyard oasis for everything and anything they enjoy doing.  

These fresh ideas for 2021 outdoor living trends are sure to turn your front yard and back patio areas into a space popular and functional for working, entertaining and socializing.

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