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Outdoor Furniture Trends from the 2023 Milan Furniture Fair

Once again, the Milan Furniture Fair or Salone del Mobile is in the books and there are plenty of key takeaways regarding this year’s big trends. There are four outdoor furniture trends from the 2023 Milan Furniture Fair that we are certain you will want to incorporate in your luxury backyard.

Pieces That are XXL

Dainty is definitely out. This year, dining options are substantial in size. One example from the Milan Furniture Fair is a dining table that was meant to be a focal feature and came in well over 100” long. In addition to being larger, many of the dining tables featured used organic and abstract shapes.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This Delano rectangular dining table from Paradise Patio is a full 112″ long.

To get this look in your backyard, opt for the Delano rectangular dining table that comes in at a full 112” long. The organic shape of the metal legs is perfectly contemporary. The top features a scratch-resistant woodgrain finish. Between the size and the unusual base, this dining table exemplifies the XXL outdoor furniture movement.

Atmosphere and Poetry

Perhaps one of the most interesting outdoor furniture trends from the 2023 Milan Furniture Fair is the concept of adding design elements that provide atmosphere and poetry. Beyond skewing toward playful style, this concept urges consumers to consider how a piece makes them feel, from its environmentally origins to the unseen details that make it a joy to own and use. More than being utilitarian, outdoor furniture with atmosphere and poetry provide pleasure and softness and round forms.

Contour cushion loveseat luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

To replicate the concept of atmosphere and poetry at home, consider adding this Contour Cushion Loveseat from Tropitone. Talk about softness, organic shape, and poetry! This contemporary piece is sure to add atmosphere as well as a comfortable seat to any San Diego backyard, patio, or deck.

Certainly Sustainable

Although sustainability has been a buzzword in the furniture industry for years, outdoor furniture trends from the 2023 Milan Furniture Fair took this concept a step further by showcasing specific manufacturers that offer a clear approach to saving the environment. Durability is one quality that was mentioned time and again. After all, sustainability starts with a focus on making products that will stand the test of time, both from a style sense as well as a long-lasting factor. The idea is to be able to purchase pieces that are meant to be handed down through the generations. Another buzz word was recycling; many of today’s outdoor furniture manufacturers want consumers to know they are using old materials and giving them a fresh new look.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This Aura fire table is crafted from teak, which is known for its superior qualities to hold up in any weather.

When you want to ensure your outdoor furniture is made sustainably, consider a piece like this fire table set from the Barlow Tyrie Aura collection. The teak wood used to create this beautiful set is grown on a plantation that practices sustainable farming and is made to be quite durable and long-lasting.

Moving Seats

This year’s Salone de Mobile featured a lot of chairs with movable backrests, swivel bases, and all sorts of flexibility. Seats that were movable in multiple directions and ways showed up nearly everywhere. Slouchy style with large dimensions and soft lines were the most popular outdoor seating pieces.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

To recreate this trend at home, try fashioning a seating area with lounge chairs and sofa from the Treviso collection by Gensun. The cushioned armchair swivels and rocks and the large backrest can be outfitted with high cushions for ultimate support, in addition to its form-fitting countoured design.

Are you ready to transform your luxury backyard with these outdoor furniture trends from the 2023 Milan Furniture Fair?

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