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Outdoor Fire Tables are a Great Way to Entertain

Spring is sprung – are you ready to get outside and start enjoying the weather again? For many of us that means uncovering the grill, wiping down the outdoor furnishings and inviting friends and family over for a fun night of festivities outdoors. Make sure you are ready to serve an unforgettable meal and keep your guests cozy. This article explains all the reasons why outdoor fire tables are a great way to entertain.

Patio Fire Pit Tables

Outdoor fire tables, aka patio fire pit tables, are a very popular furnishing for any luxury backyard oasis. They are an attractive addition that not only looks good but serves dual purposes: cooking and heat.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Grand Terrace sling chairs and fire table from Gensun.

There are plenty of different styles from which to choose and it can be difficult to determine which model is exactly right for you. For instance, patio fire pit tables can be ordered as a coffee table, dining height, counter height, or chat height. They can be made from rustic materials such as brick, wood, and slate, or more sleekly designed with metal tabletops and bases. Fiberglass reinforced concrete is a popular option as it is durable, can be made to resemble other materials, and available in a plethora of colors.

Most modern outdoor fire tables have a hidden compartment beneath the gas burners where a propane tank can be stored out of sight. They can also be configured to handle a natural gas line to fuel the flames.

A Patio Fire Table for Cooking

Dining outdoors cooking fire table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
An outdoor fire table allows you to cook up a storm for guests at your barbecue. Look for accessories like this grill pan to make it easy and fun to prepare food tableside.

If you or your family members enjoy cooking outdoors, the next step up from a grill or griddle is an outdoor fire table made for preparing food. These fire pit tables, outdoor friendly, are usually dining height so it is easy for diners to gather around the tabletop and prepare their own food or easily serve it up. The gas flame burners reside in the middle of the table and special accessories, such as a metal trivet with a cast iron grill pan that rests on top, allow you to cook food right in front of your guests. This is a perfect setup for kabobs, steaks, fondue pots, or other easy-to-serve meals.

Fire Tables for Patio

Dining height fire table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This dining height fire pit table is perfect for a casual meal al fresco.

Another option is a patio fire table made purely for giving off a bit of heat and producing mesmerizing flames. Most often patio fire pit tables are raised off the ground and feature a large enough lip around the gas burner mechanism to safely place a drink or plate of food, which is perfect for entertaining. You can find them in both round and square or rectangular shapes.

Fire bowl luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
For something different, try a fire bowl with polished stone media.

As you start shopping, you will also find outdoor fire tables in a variety of unusual shapes and sizes. There are such products as round or rectangular fire bowls, which are low to the ground and do not feature a tabletop surround. These provide visual interest throughout your outdoor space.

Fire urns luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A fire table surrounded by a pair of fire urns is cozy and toasty.

Fire urns, which are raised, cylindrical pieces made from reinforced concrete, can make a striking visual statement throughout your backyard space, especially if they flank another feature, such as the entrance to a gazebo or patio doors.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

For something truly unusual, try a fire lantern. This is a magnificent, square monolith topped by a metal cage with a pattern reminiscent of leaves. The gas-powered flames rise through the cage to produce an ethereal glow. This is a fire feature sure to mesmerize your guests while entertaining.

Outdoor fire tables are a great way to entertain and keep your guests comfortable all year long. Why not start shopping for a patio fire table today?

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