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Oh the Options You’ll Find when Shopping for O.W. Lee Outdoor Furniture Online

When it comes to shopping for O.W. Lee outdoor furniture online, you may be surprised at all the options and ways you can customize your furnishings with a few clicks of the mouse.

About O.W. Lee Outdoor Furniture Online

O.W. Lee is best known for their collections of seating pieces. They specialize in making luxury side chairs, love seats, sectionals, dining chairs, rockers, ottomans and more.

O Wl lee luxury furniture online luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

All of the frames on these seating pieces are made from metal, either wrought iron or aluminum. Each one is fashioned into an intricate, elegant design. They are hand-crafted using ancient techniques combined with modern technology. The metal frames are bent and hand-forged into seamless pieces that are extremely durable, anti-corrosive and anti-rust due to special protective coatings. This allows O.W. Lee outdoor furniture to be backed by one of the best warranties (20 years on the frame) in the industry.

Ow lee chaise lounge luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Now you know why you want to shop for O.W. Lee outdoor furniture online – and here is how you can customize your seating arrangements to perfectly match your luxury backyard décor.

Customize the Frame

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The first step in choosing the perfect O.W. Lee outdoor furniture online is to decide on the style you like. O.W. Lee luxury seating arrangements are varied in their design, which includes everything from neo-classical to traditional to contemporary. With their metal frames formed into classically curved shapes, many O.W. Lee chairs, sofas and love seats can be considered transitional.

O W Lee seating luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

When you’ve decided on just the right style, next decide on the finish of your metal-framed seating pieces. There are over a dozen colors from which to choose – from white to black to many shades in between. No matter which hue you select, rest assured that each frame is painstakingly prepared by blasting, then washing and followed by a chemical treatment to ensure that the finish adheres to the metal perfectly.

Customize the Upholstery

O W Lee luxury handcrafted outdoor furnishings online luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Let’s start out by saying that the upholstery fabric used by O.W. Lee in the manufacture of their luxury outdoor seating pieces is some of the highest quality found on the market today. The company selected their upholstery fabric specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as sun, wind and sea spray. Each cushion is custom tailored to fit the form of the particular chair, love seat, rocker, recliner or sofa from the collection of your choice.

O W Lee chairs luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

So, yes, it is extremely durable. But the upholstery you will find on O.W. Lee outdoor furniture online is also beautiful. You can choose from dozens of bright colors and classic patterns. Although the frame is a vitally important part of the seating piece, it’s the upholstery that often gets noticed first. Luckily you will find plenty of options for just the right hue and pattern for your O.W. Lee outdoor furniture online.

Finding and ordering O.W. Lee outdoor furniture online is simple, quick and easy. What seating pieces will you find for your luxury outdoor living space today?

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