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O.W. Lee Offers Custom Options for Luxury Handcrafted Outdoor Furnishings Online

Not all of us are comfortable selecting furniture for our backyard oasis with colors and finishes already decided for us. That’s why it is ideal to shop through the custom options for luxury handcrafted outdoor furnishings online from O.W. Lee. Here are a couple ways that you can customize your selections of seating pieces and fire pits to coordinate with décor you have in your outdoor living space.

Select Your Preferred Upholstery Fabric

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Custom options for luxury handcrafted outdoor furnishings online include your choice of fabric from eight different collections, some of which may be available only by special order. Between them all, there are over a hundred different solid shades, patterns and textures (twill, jacquard and chenille). You can choose from all these upholstery selections for cushions and pillows on your luxury outdoor furniture. This is a great way to customize your décor and liven things up in your backyard oasis.

O W Lee luxury handcrafted outdoor furnishings online luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Our customers in the San Diego area overwhelmingly prefer blue, but there are plenty more colors from which to choose. Bright tones are a bold way to create a party atmosphere every day of the week. Pick gray for a subtle neutral that pairs well with brightly hued cushions in warm tones of yellow, gold and orange. Of course, here in Southern California, opting to mirror the soothing turquoise and green tones of the ocean in upholstery fabrics is also popular.

Ow lee chaise lounge luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

You can also select the type of fabric. Two of the most popular – and most durable – are Sunbrella and Outdura. These upholstery fabrics are specially made to be very weather resistant while retaining their vivid colors. A new option is SDA yarn, which is solution-dyed. Because the dye goes all the way through the yarn, you can even use bleach to clean it without losing any color integrity.

Custom Options for Your Fire Pit

What about a fire feature in your backyard oasis? Although it may be a bit too warm to worry about it at the moment, cooler temps are not too far away. Here is another area where O.W. Lee offers custom options for luxury handcrafted outdoor furnishings online.

O W Lee chairs luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Two of the features that you can customize in an O.W. Lee fire pit are the style and the top. There are plenty from which to choose. In fact, you will find more than 50 sizes and 25 media options. Take the style you select, then pick from a dozen finishes and hearth top styles. If you already have other luxury handcrafted outdoor furnishings from O.W. Lee on your patio and deck, you can match the hearth top to them or select a finish that will complement your current décor.

Casual fireside by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A gorgeous metal top fire pit from o W Lees casual fireside collection

Another way to customize your fire pit from O.W. Lee is to add accessories. These include decorative guards, metal covers and lazy Susans for when the fire pit is not in use.

Now You Can Order and Customize O.W. Lee Luxury Handcrafted Outdoor Furnishings Online

No matter what you are looking for in the way of outdoor furniture, you are sure to find exactly what you need in our online catalog. We invite you to browse through the selections of O.W. Lee luxury handcrafted furnishings online and get your selections ordered today for timely delivery.

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