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Hauser’s Patio is proud to present an extensive collection of shop online O.W. Lee outdoor seating products now available for purchase. No matter what you need and how you would like it customized, you can do it all from the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered straight to your door. Here’s what to expect from this convenient new online shopping experience.

ow lee chaise lounge Hausers Patio

Why Choose O.W. Lee?

At Hauser’s Patio, we carefully vet each and every supplier whose products we carry in our San Diego showroom. Including O.W. Lee in our inventory was an easy choice. This outdoor furnishings company has over seven decades of experience designing and producing furniture that you are proud to own. Each piece is handcrafted from the finest materials, using time-tested techniques combined with state-of-the-art equipment. The frame finishes are both beautiful and durable, and topped by the highest quality upholstered cushions. O.W. Lee has won numerous awards for design excellence. And they certainly understand the Southern California market and the discriminating tastes of homeowners; their manufacturing facility is located right here in state.

Hausers Patio
This OW Lee swivel stool is a transitional style perfect for any backyard oasis
Hausers Patio
In comparison the scrollwork on this swivel stool is more reminiscent of Mediterranean style

What is really unique about O.W. Lee is their vast array of styles – everything from sleek and modern lines to gorgeous, scrolled metalwork reminiscent of iconic Mediterranean design. No matter what style of furnishings you have – or want – in your backyard oasis, there is bound to be at least one collection of O.W. Lee outdoor seating to perfectly suit. Select from gliders, love seats, swivel lounge chairs, rockers, settees, sofas, sectionals, dining chairs or armchairs.

Make Your Selections Online

When you are looking for a seating piece or two or a whole collection to add to your luxury outdoor living space, look no further than to shop online O.W. Lee outdoor seating. We carry dozens of their most popular collections with the ability to order each piece right now, with the custom options you select.

Easily Customize Your O.W. Lee Outdoor Seating Pieces

Monterra Right Sectional Hausers Patio
For a truly custom seating arrangement select something like the OW Lee Monterra sectional with the pieces you want and specify finish and upholstery color

Shop online O.W. outdoor seating at Hauser’s Patio to customize various features. All seating pieces from O.W. Lee are available in a large array of finish colors and textures. When it comes to the deep, supportive cushions that come with each seating piece, you have a choice of over 30 solid, gem-like colors and brightly-hued patterns.

San Cristobal Settee Hausers Patio
For a settee with style pick the San Cristobal Settee from OW outdoor seating and specify finish color and texture along with color or pattern of cushions

When you click on the chair or sofa of your choice and make your finish and upholstery selections, consider adding additional pieces from the collection. We make it easy by showing related pieces below your selection. This way, you can easily create a custom seating arrangement in the same style for a gorgeous, unified look in your backyard oasis.

Shop Online O.W. Lee Outdoor Seating: Quick, Efficient and Convenient

shop online OW Lee outdoor seating Hausers Patio
This could be your gorgeous backyard oasis with online shopping OW Lee outdoor seating

We know you can’t always make it into our spacious showroom to find the seating pieces you need for your luxury outdoor space. And at times, you just don’t have the patience to wait for a shopping trip to select new outdoor furnishings. That’s why we have introduced this innovative approach to online shopping and ordering with the ability to customize finish and cushions. We invite you to browse through our online inventory now and find the O.W. outdoor seating pieces you want today.

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