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Now is the perfect time of year to upgrade your outdoor space so you can use it all year round. And since there is still a chill in the air, focusing on everyone’s favorite luxury outdoor living room addition – the firepit – is a great place to start. Here are our suggestions for transforming your backyard from the pit of misery to a cool party place with a new, updated firepit in the style that suits your needs.

The Best Firepit for Warmth

Is the most common use for a firepit in your backyard to provide warmth? Then you’ll want a firepit with the largest space for natural-looking gas flames. This is especially true if you often host parties with lots of friends and family who gather on the patio or around the deck.

Metrop firepit table OW Lee Hausers Patio

Take a look at this Metrop fire pit from O.W. Lee. It is crafted from sturdy aluminum in a classic style meant to complement any type of outdoor décor. The rectangular shape is perfect for providing warmth to many people and the occasional table height allows them to comfortably stand or sit. For larger parties and larger outdoor spaces, the Metrop is the best firepit.

The Best Firepit for Contemporary Style

If you have not been shopping for a fire pit recently, you are in for a pleasant surprise. There are so many shapes, styles, materials and heights to choose from that it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Let us help with you that.

Eclipse fire urn Hausers Patio

Here’s a very sleek and contemporary firepit. Who says your fire pit needs to look like a table? The Eclipse, pictured here, is actually a fire urn made from fiberglass reinforced concrete. It’s a great height for parties where you want guests to stand and mingle while still enjoying the mesmerizing flames and cozy heat of a gas fire. Consider adding more than one Eclipse (four to form a square would be great) to your luxury outdoor living space for an even more dramatic effect.

The Best Firepit for Dining Al Fresco

Do you and your family enjoy eating outdoors all year long? Then a gas firepit that doubles as a dining table is the perfect firepit for your backyard.

Castelle rectangular dining firepit table Hausers Patio

Featured here is the Classical, rectangular firepit dining table from Castelle. It features plenty of space for eight or more people to sit comfortably due to its 96” length. And all that surface space is accented by the gorgeous green tiles that are made to withstand all types of San Diego weather. Imagine you and your friends and family sitting around this dining table, enjoying a meal and perhaps toasting s’mores in the dancing gas flames afterward.

No More Pit of Misery

Hopefully, with these suggestions for the best firepit, you can visualize your luxury outdoor living space as a warm and inviting place to host any type of gathering.

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