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New Outdoor Patio Cushions Renew Your Backyard

If you look out your backdoor and see an outdoor living room that leaves something to be desired, it could be time to renew, refresh and repair your patio furniture, as we have mentioned in past outdoor furniture articles. But if your furniture is in good shape overall, it could be that new outdoor patio cushions are just the thing to liven up the space and even make it look more modern. Here is everything you need to know about ordering new outdoor patio cushions.

Outdoor Patio Chair Replacement Cushions

Did you know that Hauser’s Patio is your one-stop-shop for ordering outdoor patio chair replacement cushions? If we carry outdoor furnishings from the same manufacturer, then we already have everything we need to replace the outdoor patio cushions by ordering straight from the factory.

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But even if your outdoor seating pieces were purchased elsewhere, we can still create patio furniture cushions that will fit perfectly. There are two ways to do this: you measure the cushions and give us the exact dimensions, or you can bring in your old outside patio cushions and we will do the measuring for you. In either case, you are sure to get outdoor patio chair replacement cushions that look just as good – if not better – than new. Whether it’s a chair, a seat pad or a chaise, check this page for a simple guideline on how to measure outdoor patio cushions accurately.

Pick Your Upholstery Fabric and Fill Material

At Hauser’s Patio, we carry all the most durable and most beautiful types of upholstery fabric, including the famous and always popular Sunbrella. Our upholstery crew also use high density foam or reticulated foam – your choice – to stuff deep seat patio cushions that are incredibly comfortable and provide the ultimate cushioning.

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The fun part is sifting through the hundreds of colors and designs available. Depending on your sense of style, you could go with a mix of bold, bright hues for your lawn chair seat cushions or perhaps opt for contemporary design in stripes or checks. If your style is a bit more traditional, we also offer plenty of classic weaves and colors for your outside patio cushions, such as floral, forest green, navy blue and oh so many shades of brown.

This is the Perfect Time to Replace All Your Outdoor Patio Cushions

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Dont forget about your pet when buying soft goods for your outdoor living space

As you look through your backyard oasis with a critical eye, don’t forget about such easy-to-replace items as outdoor pillows, umbrella shades, blankets and cabana drapes. Chances are that Hauser’s Patio can help you refinish and restore nearly any piece of furniture that uses upholstery fabric and provide you with a fresh, new, coordinated look for your patio, front porch, poolside or deck. We can create custom cushions for other applications, as well; even your dog’s bed can be made to match your patio seat cushions.

You may be surprised at just how much new outdoor patio cushions renew your backyard. Contact us today and let’s get started refreshing, renewing and reupholstering all the furnishings in your outdoor living space.

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