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When you want cozy and convenient warmth for your San Diego home, it’s tough to beat gas fireplaces. They offer several distinct advantages over a wood-burning fireplace or stove. Here’s why gas fireplaces are an ideal solution to combat the cool southern California fall and winter weather.


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As far as ease, convenience and speed of warming your home, wood burning stoves cannot compete with gas fireplaces. All it takes is a simple flick of a switch, and nearly any room in your house is instantly transformed with captivating, realistic flames and easily controlled heat. There are no logs to purchase and stack, no mess to clean and no need to get on your knees to start a fire. Plus, you can recycle newspapers rather than turning them into fire starters. When you want instant warmth, gas fireplaces – some with a remote control for the ultimate in ease – represent unparalleled convenience.


While the initial cost of gas fireplaces is often higher than that for a wood burning fireplace, these models quickly pay for themselves. Gas fireplace usage costs about 20 cents per hour, based on natural averages for the price of natural gas. You can also opt to use propane as the power source for your fireplace; special connections will be required to make this work.

With a wood burning stove, you will need to source and buy firewood.  A cord of wood in the San Diego area usually costs about $500 minimum and requires delivery and stacking. Is it worth your time to deal with these messy issues?


When it comes to the most efficient way to gently heat your home, once again gas fireplaces win. They are specifically made to generate and disperse the exact amount of warmth you desire. Direct vent gas fireplaces keep the air in a room warm, in zones, by returning the air through a top grill. They are also better for the environment since there are no plumes of smoke or fumes being released into the outside air.

These qualities make gas fireplaces an excellent choice for nearly any room in your home, even bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.


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Although there are plenty of nice designs available for wood burning fireplace surrounds and mantels, the clean lines and modern designs of gas fireplaces make them focal points. Traditional and transitional overlays are also available. If you really want your gas fireplace to be eye catching, opt for colored fire glass instead of logs, accessories such as decorative acorns or a contemporary wall-mounted design. There are plenty of ways to order a gas fireplace that beautifully blends with the décor in your home.

Gas Fireplaces Advantage

Are you convinced that gas fireplaces are a better option for your San Diego home than a wood burning model? We invite you to come in to our showroom and discover all the possibilities for adding warmth and ambience to your rooms this fall and winter.

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