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Midcentury Modern for Your Backyard Oasis

There is one style that is a perennial favorite amongst designers and particularly those here in southern California and that is midcentury modern. Its clean lines and organic curves lend themselves to our contemporary lifestyles and blend right in with the oceanside landscape in our backyards. With that in mind, here are several ideas that help you incorporate midcentury modern for your backyard oasis.

Start with the Backdrop

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

What is the view from your backyard? If you have a clean line of sight to the ocean, capitalize on that. The features of midcentury modern design include form as well as function, uncluttered surroundings, light colors, geometric forms, minimal ornamentation and contrasting materials. Keep the lines in your background geometric and focused on open space that is interspersed with functional furnishings and designated areas for dining, seating, and entertaining that all capitalize on the view.

Midcentury Modern Seating

Arguably the most important feature in your backyard oasis is the seating. After all, if you and your guests do not have a comfortable place to sit, you probably won’t spend a lot of time there.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The Curve chaise lounge takes up little room while providing lots of comfort.

To incorporate midcentury modern design, look for seating pieces that capitalize on their form and shape. For instance, this Curve Chaise Lounge from Tropitone epitomizes the curvaceous shapes for which midcentury modern design is famous. Its ergonomic design means it feels just as good as it looks.

Teak furniture tommy bahama outdoor luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The durability of teak outdoor furniture makes it perfect for poolside. These pieces are part of the Tommy Bahama Outdoor Tres Chic collection.

When looking for a lounge chair, this Tres Chic model by Tommy Bahama Outdoors is a natural for midcentury modern style. It combines the contrasting materials of organic, hand-rubbed teak wood with brushed stainless steel formed into a geometric base.

Dining Design

When it comes to outdoor dining furniture, it is important to opt for pieces that allow lots of light to flow through. No overly ornate pieces here; midcentury modern design calls for clean lines and functional forms.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

For a unique approach to adding a dining set to your backyard oasis, consider this dining set from Tropitone that includes five attached seats. The kids are sure to love the cafeteria style of this set while the adults will appreciate the sturdy metal base and the way that the backless seats allow the line of sight to focus beyond the furniture and on the beautiful backdrop.

Shade Features

Ocean master max manta luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The Ocean Master MAX cantilever umbrella is a sculptural shade structure with a resort feel.

Once again, form meets function when incorporating a shade feature of midcentury modern style in your backyard oasis. And the best umbrella to emphasize organic style is the Ocean Master Max Manta Cantilever umbrella by TUUCI. Designed to mimic the fluid symmetry of a manta ray in the ocean, the lines of this shade feature are absolutely gorgeous and quite unique. Keeping with a theme of light colors, a white canopy is an excellent choice.

Fire Features

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Similar to shade features, fire features in a midcentury modern backyard oasis should emphasize a curvy form. One that fits the bill is this Eclipse Urn with its tall and circular shape that makes a lovely counterpart to more linear pieces in your outdoor living space and also provides cozy warmth on chilly nights.

There is a reason that midcentury modern design continues to be popular amongst San Diego residents. We hope this short guide will help you incorporate this style in your backyard oasis.

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