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Oftentimes in a homeowner’s quest to create the perfect backyard oasis, the front porch is an afterthought. This could be due to a lack of ideas for decorating and defining the area or simply the fact that we use a garage and never really spend a lot of time looking at the front of the house. Yet, your small front porch sets the stage for what lies within and beyond. It is the first thing visitors see. And it is an additional place to relax, work or play while enjoying the outdoors. So why not maximize your small front porch with these great ideas?

Hang the Seat

Who doesn’t think of a traditional front porch and not picture a hanging swing? This iconic piece of furniture is one of the best ways to incorporate comfortable seating on a small front porch by taking it up off the floor and thus increasing the amount of square footage to work with.

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Pictured here is a classic wicker porch swing made by Patio Renaissance. It checks all the boxes by utilizing traditional style, woven wicker material and deeply cushioned seating. It is the perfect place for you and your significant other to cuddle up while enjoying a crisply cool night under the stars or the perfect, sunny afternoon waiting for the kids to arrive home from school.

Furnishings Slim and Trim

Because small front porches are often square or long and narrow, it makes sense to opt for outdoor furniture that hugs the wall or railing. Patio tables, planters, magazine racks and shelving should all be as slim and trim as possible in order to incorporate functional pieces. Avoid round shapes as they simply take up too much room.

marine grade polymer top rectangular bar height parson table Hausers Patio

A great choice for a small front porch is this Marine Grade Polymer Top Rectangular Bar Height Parson Table. This 18″X54″ table is just the right height for displaying flowering plants, lighting or seasonal décor. Its narrow width takes up very little space so a pair could easily flank the front door. This table comes in your choice of powder coating and MGP hue, too, so it matches the outdoor color scheme of your home.

Keep It Neat and Tidy

Just as inside the home, a small outdoor space will quickly look cluttered and even smaller than actual if you fill it with up with too many items or furnishings. Make sure there is plenty of room to comfortably walk around the seating and tables. After enjoying time spent on your small front porch, gather up any leftover books, trays, dishes and the like so the space stays neat and tidy. Select a single larger piece (typically a seat) and scatter a few smaller pieces such as tables or plant stands throughout to prevent it from looking chaotic.

Strategic Decoration

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Because a small front porch is limited in square footage, consider using vertical décor. For instance, a bold or brightly painted front door with a seasonal wreath makes a big impact. Hang sconces on either side or opt for a hanging pendant light or even string lights. Banners or outdoor art on the exterior wall are also good choices for adding décor to a modestly sized space.

We hope you have gotten some great ideas for how to maximize your small front porch. How is yours decorated?

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