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Your luxury outdoor living area is not like anyone else’s – so why should your shade structures look the same as theirs? When you want a very specific style and know exactly what you are looking for, a great option is ordering a custom umbrella online. With just a few clicks, you can select the features you want, along with the perfect style of canopy. Here are some of the features you can select when designing a custom umbrella that makes a grand statement.

Fabric Options

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Let’s get straight to the point – the one feature of your custom umbrella that makes it stand out from all the rest is the color and/or pattern of the canopy and valance. Our custom umbrella selection uses Sunbrella fabric. This outdoor fabric is specifically made to keep its good looks no matter what it is subjected to. That is because the fabric is solution dyed, instead of printed. Sunbrella outdoor fabric is resistant to water, mold, mildew and fading, water resistant and extremely durable.

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While it’s good to know that your custom umbrella will easily withstand weather, sun and water, what makes you custom umbrella so beautiful is the fabric style you choose. There are various patterns, colors and textures to select from, depending on the style of umbrella best suited to your space (octagonal or rectangular, stationary or mobile, cantilever or market).

Frame Finish and Mounting Options

Here is another way you can customize an outdoor umbrella and make it unique: by selecting the frame finish. Our octagonal umbrellas with push button tilt allow you to choose from six different finishes – light to dark. Each color makes a subtle difference in the overall look of the umbrella.


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Speaking of frames, how will you mount your custom umbrella? Some of our umbrellas, such as a cantilever model, allow you to permanently mount them in ground, in a pool deck or similar material. While we do recommend securely mounting your custom umbrella, we realize this isn’t always an option. In this case, you can simply order your umbrella with a sturdy stand.

Type of Canopy

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There are also various options for the canopy of your custom umbrella, including size. In a market style, octagonal umbrella, you can choose to add another wind vent (one wind vent is standard). Another choice is a designer cover, which features double wind vent covers in more than one type of fabric. A designer cover really allows you to get creative with the look of your umbrella.

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Many of our custom umbrellas are available with the option to add a valance. This is just one more unique little touch that truly makes your custom-designed umbrella make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Make a Statement in Your Backyard with a Custom Umbrella

With all the various ways you can design a custom umbrella that fits your luxury backyard perfectly, why wait? We invite you to browse through the selections online and find the umbrella you are interested in, then have fun choosing options to make it uniquely yours.

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