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Luxury Outdoor Furniture Showcase: American Classic Telescope Casual Furniture

At Hauser’s Patio, we are careful to include only the best quality luxury outdoor furniture in our showroom. That is why we are extremely proud to showcase an American manufacturing company that has been handcrafting the finest quality outdoor pieces available for over a century: Telescope Casual Furniture.

Telescope cot bed and novelty company luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Telescope Casual Furniture: the Beginning

The year was 1903, just a few years past the dawning of a new century. The city was world-famous New York, known for its scrappy immigrant population, widespread commercial concerns and cosmopolitan culture. It was this time and place where the Telescope Cot Bed & Novelty Company first began business under the ownership and management of the Vanderminden family.

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Initially, the midtown Manhattan company focused on a single type of product: cots and camp stools that employed telescoping legs to make them lightweight and portable, yet sturdy. At first, these items were manufactured in Pennsylvania but it wasn’t long before Telescope would bring this aspect of the business home. With a large labor force, a convenient railway and a vast expanse of woodlands, it made sense to the Vanderminden family to move the manufacturing plant to Granville, New York.

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Less than a decade later, the sales and administration arms of the company also left New York City and moved to Granville, where they continue to produce handcrafted outdoor furniture today.

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Moving into Mid-Century

As the Telescope Casual Company moved to a more rural area of New York State, the Vanderminden family continued to grow. Robert Dudley Vanderminden Sr. was born in 1927 and he was quickly inducted into the family business. From the age of 14, he began working right alongside the laborers at the company’s sawmill, then repairing sewing machines and finally, welding in the machine shop. He took time away from the family business to attend the Coast Guard Academy and earn a mechanical engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

But the family business was in young Robert’s blood and he quickly returned to Granville to redesign the wooden furniture the company was now manufacturing. In ensuing years, Robert would effect innovations in the machinery, processing and plant design as well as the outdoor furnishings themselves.

As America recovered from lean times of war and embraced new technology and pastimes, demand increased for outdoor furniture that looked as good as it performed.

In fact, under the guidance of Robert and his extended family members, the Telescope Casual company quickly earned a reputation for the best customer service in the industry with the fastest delivery times and the highest quality luxury outdoor furniture available.


St catherine luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The Modern Telescope Casual Furniture Company

That focus on innovative change has persisted. The company continually expands its product lines and updates its manufacturing processes, which are now housed in a one-million square foot facility. Their focus is on research and development, as well as engineering, which allows them to operate in a self-sufficient manner while remaining competitive.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that the Telescope Casual Furniture Company is family-owned (now by the fifth generation of Vandermindens) and every product they manufacture is handcrafted right here in the USA. Their highly skilled and talented workforce of 300 employees take pride in what they do – as much today as they did over a hundred years ago.

Currently, they produce luxury outdoor furnishings such as these pieces  from the St. Catherine collection. Characterized by graceful lines and deep cushions upholstered in fabric which stands up exceedingly well to California’s sun and sea spray, this collection is one of their most popular.

Leeward mpg cushion blog luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

An Industry Pioneer of the Future

What can we expect to see in the future from Telescope Casual Furniture? No doubt more of the same innovations in outdoor furniture design and a host of new products that continue to be handcrafted by American tradesmen who take great pride in what they do.

We look forward to seeing what this venerable American company will do next in terms of redesigning the outdoor furnishings we in San Diego rely so heavily upon for luxurious comfort and casual style. Their goal has always been to exceed customers’ expectations while providing the highest quality, design, comfort, selection and deliver their outdoor furnishings in a manner that is fast and consistent – and that is what makes their partnership with Hauser’s Patio a perfect fit.

Enjoy a piece of American history when you purchase Telescope Casual Furniture from Hauser’s Patio.

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