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February is the month of love. No doubt you have something planned to show how much you care about your significant other. But what about your backyard? When is the last time you showed some love to your upholstered outdoor furniture that may have seen better days? Here are some common issues with patio furnishings and how you can make them look brand new again.

Unsightly Stains

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Perhaps the most notable problem when viewing upholstered outdoor furniture is the presence of unsightly stains. The more we use sofas and chairs and lounges, the more likely they are to fall victim to spilled beverages, suntan lotion spots, sun rot and any number of afflictions that degrade the cushions.

replacement outdoor cushions Hausers Patio
New outdoor cushions provide renewed comfort in your existing seating pieces.

Luckily, this is an easy fix. Hauser’s Patio can replace your old cushions with new ones of the exact same measurements. If we deal in the same brand of outdoor furniture, we already have those specs o hand. But if we don’t, you can simply provide us the measurements – or bring them in to us to measure – and we will make brand new cushion covers that fit perfectly. And they are available in your choice of hundreds of different fabric styles, colors, and patterns.

Mold and Mildew

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If your upholstered luxury outdoor furniture is beyond stained and has succumbed to mold and mildew, this is a situation that calls for full reupholstery. Fungal spores can get deep down into the foam cushion material, which requires more than just reupholstery; you will need complete cushion replacements.

Once again, the refurbishing staff at Hauser’s Patio can come to your rescue. Rather than just replace the cover fabric, we start from scratch by manufacturing brand new cushions in the exact right height, depth and width. We can even make them deeper and more luxurious if that is your wish and incorporate special anti-bacterial materials. Brand new cushions are a sure way to make your old outdoor seating pieces lovable again.

Slovenly Slings

Patio Furniture Repair Hausers Patio

Sling seating is a category all its own. Unlike patio furniture with cushions, sling replacement is a different type of refurbishment for your luxury outdoor furniture. It requires exact measurements that will fit the frame of your seating pieces to a “T.” The fabric often frays or degrades due to sun and water exposure, creating a hazardous condition for anyone who sits on it.

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Hauser’s Patio offers several different types of sling materials. Pick out the one you prefer, then take measurements. Or you can ship the old slings to us and we’ll take care it from there. Either way, we go to work creating new slings, either one or two pieces, and include a retainer/spline available in three sizes. We even provide a full two-year warranty on all our replacement slings for your ease of mind. For more information, please check out our repair, refinish and renew page.

Isn’t it time you learn to love your upholstered outdoor furniture again? All it takes is a few measurements and selecting new fabric in order to make your seating pieces look as good as – or better than – new again.

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